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Huge offer involving Barkley. Pull the trigger?


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Depends on type of league.  How long can you keep the players?  Is there a salary cap implication or round value associated with keeping them?  In general seems like a fair offer for Barkley and not sure which side I would lean.  Probably Barkley but roster status  would have some influence.

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Hunt's value is low right now but should rebound somewhat. Also the league embraced Vick after dog fights. Hunt's young and behind Chubb after the SUS.  

Brown's value still high and producing. WR1   Not #1 overall but should be the main target in OAK. 

1-10 2019

2020 1st

2020 2nd.

How long do you expect to Barkley to be #1 RB overall?  Or among them?  5 years?  How long do you think Brown can produce WR1 numbers 1-3 years?

What will it take for Hunt to be RB 1 in CLE or similar team? I think he fills in late in season and earns spot on new team.

Does this deal improve your starting roster now and into future?  Who do you take #10?.   It's rare that a Barkley owner would sell. SO I think you have to keep in mind the opportunity and decide if you would regret buying or not. 


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