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Max Power

Andrew Yang 2020

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I like Yang.  He's had some very disappointing views on foreign policy, but I certainly agree with the idea of a basic income guarantee (at least as better application of resources than a massive welfare state). 

But Matt Stoller, who I respect a lot, presents an argument here that Yang defends Big Tech by obfuscating their monopoly power, and that his argument about automation gets us to passively accept corporate power as the natural state of affairs.  Not sure what the answer is but I think it's an interesting point.  

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Andrew Yang@AndrewYang· 14m

We did it! Couldn't have done it without you. Here's to one million more! #yanggang


Yang gets to a million followers on Twitter.



(I like Yang, and hope he finds a role in the next Dem administration)

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Andrew Yang raised $750,000 on Nov. 30, his single best fundraising day to date of his campaign.

Yang’s campaign told POLITICO that the campaign received over 18,000 contributions on Saturday, with an average donation of $41.

What was unusual about Yang’s fundraising haul was that it wasn’t tied to any typical big fundraising event like a debate or end-of-quarter push, other than the end of the month. Other campaigns have also launched fundraising pleas to raise large amounts of money, threatening to drop out if they don’t hit that total, but Yang’s campaign made no such pitch.

“I think what was so cool about this was all it took was 'This is the end of the month' and the campaign [saying]: ‘Hey, we’re small dollars [powered] here,'” Nick Ryan, Yang’s campaign chief, told POLITICO. “Just putting that through a lot of organic channels, not having to drum up any sort of event around it, and we have a base that goes above and beyond.”

The Saturday haul was part of a larger push for the Yang campaign to raise $2 million in one week, a goal Yang tweeted that they hit early Sunday morning. It continues the trend of strong fundraising for the first-time candidate. His campaign raised nearly $10 million in the third quarter of the year, and has increasingly staffed up his campaign as money continues to flow in.

Aides said the fundraising will give the campaign resources to stay in the race after voters actually start voting. “We’re starting to show some movement in national polling, and I suspect a lot of the early states are going to reflect that investment as well,” Ryan said.


Although his base is smaller than many other candidates, they actually believe in him and are excited about his candidacy. Lets hope the trend continues. 

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