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Down Under

Need a starting RB for playoffs!


The failure of Jonathan Williams (my replacement starter for Mack, who doesn't look like he's coming back this week) has left me with a big hole this week.  Non-PPR

Have - Jamaal Williams (has been my on & off flex), Ronald Jones (tempted to drop out of disgust, but probably won't, but definitely don't want to start this week)

Available -

Jordan Wilkins (is he the starter? I don't know what's going on in IND, seriously WTF happened to Williams),

Adrian Peterson (I would expect Guice to continue to expand his role)

Laird (MIA, seems like the worst choice),

Darwin Thompson (God, not him again, already had him twice this season based on hype, but it really seems both Williams' are out this week?)

Pickin's are thin, but it could be worse.

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I don't think you start any Indy running back. TB run defense is no joke and without Mack, it's for sure a committee. I think Williams had his 2 weeks of relevancy and is done for the fantasy year. 

Jamaal Williams has some upside and always has a decent chance at a TD. 

I think you are correct about Peterson. Washington has nothing to play for, might as well see what Guice does.

I actually think Laird might be one of your better choices. Ballange is done for the year. 

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