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    anyone betting on the games tonight?

    Brohm is playing 3+ quarters after Rodgers gets one series. He can't move the team very well and the Packers will not score many points tonight.
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    Make or break player

    Ronnie Brown
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    Greg Jennings vs. Reggie Wayne

    Just wanted to point out that this is Jennings 4th season. To answer the OP's question though I don't think you can go wrong with either. The shark move is to draft Wayne and Driver though.
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    **Not-so-offical Green Bay Packers Off-season Thread**

    I sure hope some members of the SP are checking in here once in a while. With the Packers not playing musical chair on the O-line, Grant and Co. should have pretty nice running lanes. Rodgers was already going to be solid this year but this also makes him a better QB, but I think 4 of his TDs...
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    Random movie "aha" moment

    Saw a rerun of Can't Buy Me Love and Seth Green is the kid brother. Couldn't tell at first. He's been in a million movies.
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    Raji's value to the Packers this year?

    The coaches did the installation 3 times, once before the draft so Raji couldn't do that one obviously. Once during the post draft mini-camp. This last week was the 3rd and final install. They are now beginning their work on the Bears for week 1. I think he could still have an impact but he...
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    Stallworth suspended entire 2009 season

    Considering that Stallworth should be spending the next 10-20 years in prison but somehow isn't leaves me with the impression that this suspension is probably the minimum he should have received.
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    Anarchy League Signups

    I'll take one of the openings if there are spots left. Looks like there may be a few in the last one.
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    Player Spotlight: Brett Favre

    Same QB that made Bill Schroeder a 1000 yard, 9TD WR.
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    Player Spotlight: Brett Favre

    Well, regardless Favre doesn't take as many sacks as most QBs out there.Anyway, your point is fine. It just seemed to me that it is a good fit. By the way, the only time I really saw the Vikings O-line was againts my Packers!It's not like I was saying he was going to make the Vikings a Super...
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    Player Spotlight: Brett Favre

    The Favre playing in a dome discussion is missing a point. He's never had the crowd on his side before in a dome. If anything it will help him as he is not the same player in the cold/rain as he was early in his career. If/when he signs with Minnesota he inherits a nice schedule, decent WRs...
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    Lavernius Coles and Donald Driver

    I think Driver will have a couple solid games, but to count on him as a regular in your lineup may be asking a little too much. If I remember correctly he's going to be 34 years old this year. James Jones has been very, very solid when healthy and there just seem to be too many options to go...
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    Whatcha readin now? (book, books, reading, read)

    I love this thread. I haven't posted in it until the last post so now I have to make a few recommendations. First I've read (listened to in audio format) the following based on the recommendations from this thread: The Kite Runner Pillars of the Earth Actually am reading The Road and should...
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    Favre the Viking

    McCarthy is to blame for the Carolina game (and special teams). However, the worst that should have happened is the game go to overtime as the Packers had 1st and goal and ran the ball 3 times even though Rodgers has 0 red zone INTs! The run on 3rd and goal was a handoff to the fullback by the...