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    Week 17 stars?

    Roger Lewis  Engram, Shepard, King all ruled out. Anyone know if he is talented? I know he could guarantee me 40-50 yards but I need more upside.
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    *** Official 2017 SF 49ers thread *** see original post or latest post for link to new 2018 thread

    Is Jimmy a good play this week vs Rams? Worried about lack of TD passes. Thinking of starting him over Big Ben.
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    Week 16 Questions For Bloom

    Cooks or J. Gordon (standard)
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    Week 17 Championship --- Who Plays/Sits

    Good luck fellas. Came down to the final minute before kickoff, but I opted for Denard Robinson over Burkhead and Blue. My starting RB's today are: D.Will, McKinnon, D. Robinson (flex) Decided to play the best matchups (TD potential). I can only hope D.Will and D. Rob get significant touches...
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    Week 17 Championship --- Who Plays/Sits

    Spencer Ware game-time decision (ribs). C. West looking like a better play than Blue. Late game though.
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    Week 17 Championship --- Who Plays/Sits

    Tyrell Williams vs Marcus Peters this week. Stay away?
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    2016 Green Bay Packers thread

    Thoughts on GB DST this week?
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    Week 17 Championship --- Who Plays/Sits

    For those us in a Week 17 championship, it's that time again to figure out who is sitting vs playing. With the Steelers clinching of the division and third seed, I don't see Bell playing much if at all. Deangelo Williams (facing CLE. Yum.) Alex Collins (if Rawls is out. Facing SF.) Corey...
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    Don't sleep on Donte Moncrief: Draft Day steal

    This is the perfect time and place for Chief Crief to have his first multi-TD game of the season.
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    Collective Week 16 WDIS

    Moncrief, Meredith
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    Collective Week 16 WDIS

    Drop 1 (non-ppr): Meredith Williams (SD) Watkins
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    Dion Lewis

    How many totes are we expecting? Still a crapshoot? I'm debating Lewis/McKinnon as well but non-ppr. It's TD or bust. FWIW, Thielen and Diggs look likely to suit up.
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    Is Allen Robinson a legit option vs Titans in SB?

    McCourty will be out. My gut says to start him but logic says Bortles will be bad as usual.
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    Matt Barkley..super bowl winner?

    I was pondering Barkley over Winston last night but thought better of it. You guys reeling me back in. My concern was that the Bears were down 27-10 against the Packers and Barkley got in some garbage points. He does have good receivers to throw to. I wonder if they 1) run it down WAS throat...
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    Week 16 Questions for Bloom

    PIck 2.... standard non-ppr Sammy Watkins Donte Moncrief Tyrell Williams Dion Lewis thanks!