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    If Fox gets his way, the Bears will get rid of Cutler

    Trestman doesn't matter. McCown knows the offense and is well liked by the players and the fans love him. It would be the easiest route for the Bears to take.
  2. GridironMenace

    If Fox gets his way, the Bears will get rid of Cutler

    Brandon Marshall is 100 times more likely to get cut when compared to Cutler. Cutler isn't going to anywhere. Want proof? The Bears would have signed Josh McCown if they wanted to cut Cutler. /thread
  3. GridironMenace

    Is Mariota the Best 'Spread/Dual Threat' QB Prospect?

    Randall Cunningham was pretty damn good.
  4. GridironMenace

    Trade CJ Mosley?

    Oh and wrong sub-forum.
  5. GridironMenace

    Trade CJ Mosley?

    Actually, their scores don't matter a lick. You were better off not including them.
  6. GridironMenace

    Position Eligiblity

    Each game is different. Shoot, each snap is different. A guy may line up with his hand in the dirt and rush the passer in games they are up and may be in a completely different alignment covering HB's/TE's/WR's the next game. Several DE's constantly shift to rush the passer from the interior...
  7. GridironMenace

    2 12 team dynasty ppr leagues available............

    Does this really need a 2nd thread? You made one yesterday which is 7 threads down. Just bump that one.
  8. GridironMenace

    32 Team League Looking For 1 Owner, PPR, IDP, Salary Cap (Filled)

    "let them develop", that's code for legal tanking.
  9. GridironMenace

    Brady vs. Montana - who is greater all-time?

    How can anyone say Montana is better. Montana threw the ball to Jerry Rice and had Roger Craig as his HB. Brady threw the ball to.....well....Randy Moss for a season I guess. But surely he has had RB's that are better than OK. Imagine if Brady had the luxury of...
  10. GridironMenace

    2015 Tiers (DL/LB/DB updated 7/5)

    For sure. He isn't going to do well as an ILB in their new 3-4. LB4 most likely.
  11. GridironMenace

    Dynasty startup 12 or 14 team idp

    I can't tell if this is a joke thread or not.
  12. GridironMenace

    2015 rookie 1.02 (Pre NFL draft) for Dynasty

    What's the point of these things? They are completely worthless until after the rookie draft. Why waste the time?
  13. GridironMenace

    Future DEs to target

    Brandon Graham is going to be the most hyped "sleeper" DE once he gets a full time job and I'm going to be laughing all the way to the bank watching this guy fizzle out. I watched his week 16 game where he got the start due to a Trent Cole injury and he was completely manhandled. He looked...
  14. GridironMenace

    Ask dynasty IDP questions here

    IMO these aren't the correct questions to ask. IMO, the correct questions are: 1) How many points did Watt score compared to the #2 DE in the league. 2) How many points did Watt score compared to the #1 WR in the league. 3) How many points did Watt score compared to Cobb.
  15. GridironMenace

    Ask dynasty IDP questions here

    How can any player be the SOD at the 1.02 spot, let alone one in which you traded up for? And to be brutally honest, if you traded up to take Watt at the 1.02 you overpaid for him. That's ok if you got your guy, but it's still overpaying even if he is worth the 1.01.