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    Do I trade Adam Thielen away for this? Need help asap!

    I ended up trading for Breida, Christian, Rosen, a 1st and 2nd. Gave up Keuchly, Theilen. And Antonie Betheia
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    Do I trade Adam Thielen away for this? Need help asap!

    I'm honestly not sure. Something just has me put off about him. But I'll reevaluate my thought on it, or ask for a little more. 
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    Do I trade Adam Thielen away for this? Need help asap!

    I need to make a move for the future. I don't quite trust Thielen. I need more pieces in order to be competitive for the future. 
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    Do I trade Adam Thielen away for this? Need help asap!

    Going into rebuild mode for my dynasty league.  Looking at a ton of offers, need to decide before Thursdays games. Pretty sure im going to trade Thielen, it's just a mayter of what to get in return. Do I trade him for a late 1st rounder and Cooper Kupp? Or For Matt Breida, Christian Kirk...
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    Tom Brady owners: What are you doing week 9?

    Cam Newton...and this is a 16 team Dynasty league
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    Justin Houston - big play leagues

    I've been high on Houston ever since he stepped into the league.....Own him in all three of my big play big money leagues and he's tearing it up. 45 points in all three leagues for me. Combine this with the fact I also have Kerrigan who has blown it up the last two games. needless to say, My...
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    Arthur Brown, The Next Luke Keuchly

    This was a great read. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. I think we'll see Brown become an every down LB by the end of the season. Once he gets use to the speed of the game and study tape and refines his game I think he will become a significant force on the Ravens defense.
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    Who is your pick as 2013 rookie dynasty sleeper (ADP>20, lets say)

    Charles Johnson, although maybe more of a next year producer..
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    IDP Roundtable: Offseason / Preseason Editions

    Michael Mauti. Going to be a LB2. You heard it here first :)
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    Arthur Brown, The Next Luke Keuchly

    One of the reasons I think Te'o and Brown will be this years breakout rookie LBs, They do exceptionally well at reading and reacting to a play. This is something that is harder to teach than learning how to shed a block or catch a pass ect. I guess we wont really know how things will pan out...
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    need help its my pick

    CBs are iffy this season. No one really stands out who seems like a prime candidate to put up points. DE wise, the top of the class is Ansah and DIon. I actually like Ansah better that Dion. But I think thats personal preference. Other than those two, I think the DE position isn't strong this...
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    Quinton Coples

    A LB designation all but kills his fantasy value imo
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    Dynasty / Redraft Outlook: ILB Kevin Minter

    No LB in the NFL today can honestly say with confidence that they can play man to man on any rb or te. LBs just aren't built that way. I think Te'O with some work shall be a good 3 down LB, and personaly I think he will have the better fantasy and NFL career
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    Arthur Brown, The Next Luke Keuchly

    I think the BIGGEST plus for Brown is the situation he's in. I see no one who is there to really compete with him and therefore he will be a MLB starting day 1. Now a WLB, not a SLB, a MLB. Which in my experience produces a ton more points; which is why I give him the nod over say Ogletree, or...