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    Pollard or Zeke for the win tonight?!

    Thanks. The Eagles havent allowed an RB TD yet (rushing or receiving), but then they haven't faced an RB1; Mike Davis and the SF mess. Mitchell only managed 42yds on 17 and Davis 49 on 15. Low touch guys like Cordarelle 54 on 7 and Hasty 38 on 5 (and 21 rec yds).  Tough call though right? You...
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    Pollard or Zeke for the win tonight?!

    I'm down 7 with Zeke or Pollard in PPR tonight. Am I overthinking this? Pollard has outscored Zeke both weeks so far. Thanks in advance and I'll try to help with your queries.
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    Odd-man Out, Non-PPR, from Barkley, E. Mitchell, D. Montgomery, Godwin, R. Woods

    My takeaways from last night, other than the refs played too big of a role. Barkley looked great and his only competition for touches is Jones, which oddly enough it almost appeared that they ran Jones in place of Barkley at times (why do that to your franchise). Unless limited in practices, he...
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    Looking for sum FLEX appeal!!!

    i'd say Davis. i think we're still waiting on those RBs to carve our their roles. congrats on the draft BTW. Waller, allen, diggs and metcalfe, wow. one of those late rbs hit and you gotta be unstoppable.
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    Odd-man Out, Non-PPR, from Barkley, E. Mitchell, D. Montgomery, Godwin, R. Woods

    I think it's probably Barkley this week. I can't imagine they would have him on a pitch count 4 days ago, then blow him out tonight, they have to be smarter than that and the 10 day break has to be appealing to them. And he's already listed as Q with knee. Mitchell is the debate for sure, but he...
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    Bench depth and stashs

    . Thanks for the response.  I could go after Sermon and Sutton, but it would mean dropping both Javonte and Patrick. I should probably hold Javonte though right? and just go after Sermon with Patrick and put a 2nd claim in for Sutton in case I don't get Sermon. I can go low FAB, I dont think...
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    LATAVIUS MURRAY or Michael Thomas?

    I guess there's no IR. I like the PK swap play, if trades come easy in your league. Otherwise, I'd rather see what happens with Ty'son then hang on to Murray.
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    Bench depth and stashs

    Hi All - new here 12 Team - .75 PPR = QB, RB, WR, 2 Flex, TE, PK, DL, LB, S, DB, IDP QB - Herbert RBs - Zeke, Mixon, Javonte WRs - ARob, Antonio Brown, Boyd, Patrick TE - Waller DL - N Bosa LBs - Wagner, D Jones, Chandler Jones S - Derwin, Fuller CD - Taron Johnson Managed to squeak...
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    D'Onta Foreman

    Reed driving me nuts too. Would love to have a shot at a guy like Ozumah. I agree, I dont see Foreman making your lineup this season.
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    Engram / Conner for Ertz / Lindsay

    Interesting.  Conner is likely an RB1 next year. Engram is at least a Tier 2 TE if healthy. Lindsay goes back into the draft. This season, you might be screwed if Bell comes back. But Conner and Fournette could also be formidable to finish the season. I think I would do it, then shed...
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    flex question..need a win

    looks like you need floor. So KJ likely, although I dont mind Richard in PPR.
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    Who to drop for Golladay

    For some reason Golladay got dropped in my 12 team short bench PPR league. We play 1RB, 1WR and 2 Flex. I currently have: RB: Fournette, Ingram, Conner, Coleman WR: Julio, Hilton, Cooks, Edelman Would you drop Coleman or Edelman for Golladay? Coleman probably doesn't make my lineup, but...
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    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    12 std redraft -2RB,2WR,1Flex RBs - Zeke, Lindsay, AJones,Murray,Smallwood WRs - A.J.,Hill,Goodwin,Baldwin Would you drop Smallwood, Murray, Baldwin or Goodwin for Tre’Quan Smith. 
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    Mychal Kendricks

    Which two should I keep Kendricks, PBrown, Jenkins or Hicks? Or I can keep three, by dropping either Barron or Burnett. This week is not a crucial win week for me.