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    Veto Opinion on a trade

    Hi I am the commissioner of a league with some friends and there was a trade which included deandre Hopkins for Tyler Lockett and Ryan Matthews. I think it should be vetoed but want some second non biased opinions. Thanks 
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    Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots

    I would say 85/985/14
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    Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots

    I think he is talking about next season
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    Aquil Salahudeen Leagues

    I really want one :popcorn:
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    Terrence Knighton has a serious eye injury

    That sucks... I just drafted him in a deep startup draft
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    Shark Pool Mock draft - Version 2

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    2012 Offseason Dynasty Trades

    I gave Matt Forte, Rob Gronkowski, David Nelson I got Lesean Mccoy, Pierre Garcon, Ed dickson, Marcedes Lewis
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    2012 Offseason Dynasty Trades

    Im just happy because im Team B lol. I hope I didn't get entirely raped
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    2012 Offseason Dynasty Trades

    Please explain what you mean...
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    2012 Offseason Dynasty Trades

    Team A gave Nate Washington and Stevie Johnson Team B gave Miles Austin and Reggie Wayne
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    Post season: Who ya Buying?/Who ya Selling?

    Please explain for Nicks
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    *** Official 2012 New York Giants Thread ***

    I like Robert Turbin a lot more than Martin. He will be cheaper and could get the sane effectiveness.
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    Stupid Baby Names

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    2012 IDP League

    Great league... It will be one of the best experiences in FF for you.