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    Flex (RB/WR/TE) Help...2 Spots Open

    I agree with Golly to a certain extent. If you're normally a cautious person then go with Meyers and Penny. But if you want to swing for the fences go with Pitts. You know for a fact that Josh Allen and D. Swift are going to get you some points. As will Waller and probably St. Brown. Where...
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    Who to Start at Flex Position

    Last week was terrible for me as my team finished dead last due to almost every player failing to meet their projected points. So, this week I really need to step up and to do that I need to plug in the right player in my Flex position. I am in a half-PPR league and need to start one of these...
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    What's Going On in Chicago?

    For those who follow the Bears, I have one simple question: What is going on with the Chicago offense. Now, I get that the weather was terrible their first game. Those things happen. But yesterday they passed the ball ONCE to Cole Kmet and ONCE to Darnell Mooney. Is it the coaching staff...
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    Drop Tonyan for Knox or Kmet, PPR?

    I have Kmet in a half-PPR league and I am playing him over several other TE's on the waiver wire as I fully expect him to get some targets this week. I don't expect many points from him (maybe 5 or 6) but who knows--one of them maybe near the goal line? Anyway, Yahoo considers him to be a high...
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    Deandre Swift or Cordarelle Patterson"?

    Up until very recently I wasn't concerned about playing Deandre Smith. However, with the news of him possibly being used "selectively" I was wondering if that translates into less usage and less points as a result? I have Corderrelle Paterson I can put in place of him. I can also play...
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    Who to Play?

    Yeah. That's exactly what I'm thinking too. I'm especially interested in whether he will be their goal-line back. Anyway, I think you're right and I am plugging Mooney into it and hoping for the best! Thanks!
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    A Flex spot question Week 1

    I also have D. Henderson on my team but there are doubts about how much action he will see with Cam Akers back. Personally, I'm not at all confident that Akers will be quite the same this year--or for that matter even last the entire season without reinjuring himself. That's why I picked...
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    Taylor or McCaffery???

    Taylor. No two ways about it. McCaffery is very good but, as you say, the injury situation scares me a bit and right now Taylor is the man.
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    Who to Play?

    Okay. I have a decent lineup but with one weakness and I need some advice on who to play in my FLEX position (half-ppr): Cordarrelle Patterson (RB-Atl) vs. New Orleans or Darnell Mooney (WR-Chi) vs. San Francisco From what I am reading, some of the experts don't know what to expect from...
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    TE Help - Week 14

    That's a close one but I would probably go with Knox simply because Tampa Bay isn't that good at defending the Tight End.  Likewise, if Buffalo gets behind in the game they may have to throw the ball more.  But Schultz isn't a bad play should you decide to go with him.
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    QB Help

    With Keenan Allen ruled out for tomorrow's game I was wondering if I should play Stafford against Arizona or keep Herbert in my lineup as QB.  Both of them are considered "starters" by almost all of the experts but the question I have is whether Herbert will have more difficulty without his main...
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    A Strange Predicament

    I took Gally's advice and played N. Harris against Minnesota.  I honestly wasn't expecting much but for some reason Pittsburgh decided to stay with the run even though they were down 29-0 at one point.  So I'm thankful for the good advice.  I also sat Mattison who ended up with 2.7 points on my...
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    A Strange Predicament

    I agree.  After a lengthy injury my concern is the pitch count with Kamara--even with Ingram now possibly out.  So I think your advice is sound: play Harris & Jacobs and wait to see whether to D. Cook will suit up or not.  If he plays then it's safe to bench Mattision in favor of either...
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    A Strange Predicament

    Just found out that M. Ingram tested positive for Covid and may miss game 14.  If so then Kamara would appear to be an extremely good option--provided he plays.  Hopefully, I will know more before Thursday because that is when I will have to decide whether to play Mattison or not.
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    A Strange Predicament

    As difficult as it may seem I am in the unusual position of having several good RB's in my lineup but now the choice is on which one will garner the most points for me--and in order to make the playoffs I will need to win the next 2 games and outscore another team's total points in the process. ...