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1 pm - Calvin Johnson [Q] - WR, DET - Active (1 Viewer)

Multiple twitter sources said he is running routes in pregame, didn't do that last week. He is joking with teammates, seemed more fluid in drills than last week. Seems likely he plays.

The Lions reportedly insist Calvin Johnson (knee) looked good enough in pre-game warmups that he will not be restricted Sunday.
Johnson will start and the Lions have no plans to limit his snaps. Even if he does take some plays off, they'll likely be on early-downs and between the 20s. He's going to be heavily targeted on third downs and in the red zone despite a tough matchup with Joe Haden. Megatron needs to be in all fantasy lineups.
Doesn't he draw Joe Haden if he does play?
Calvin has already torched Patrick Peterson this season. There isn't a CB, even as good as Haden, that can take him out of the game.
Peanut Tillman has had the most success against him. More wins than losses in their history.
Ah, yes. You are correct with that one. Hasn't had that much success against Tillman and the Bears.

Revis was on the money last two times he played him 1 on 1..... Last year was ridiculous how he was on him like glue.


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