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1 Spot... Who Ya Starting? (1 Viewer)

I have this same situation but only with Baldwin @ ARI and Enunwa @ JAC. I opted to go with Enunwa @ JAC.    ** Normally ** I would go with Baldwin, but I think Baldwin should be monitored for at least a week to see where we stand with him coming back from these knee injuries. I know he COULD go off, but I feel like we know the Jets are trying to get Enunwa the ball and I'd feel much safer with him at 100% health than Baldwin coming back off multiple weeks off. I hope Baldwin comes out and does good so that next week we're not asking this question....but for this week i'd go with sure points vs unknown. GL

Also, I know you have Ekeler, but he's the 3rd option IMO, I would start Baldwin over Ekeler if i'm rolling the dice anyways. 


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