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Jared Goff's value (1 Viewer)

Big Nate

If you were looking for another QB in SF and had the opportunity to acquire Goff what type of value would you be willing to pay? Let's say its a 12 team, SF, start 10 with normal scoring (no TEP).

What type of draft pick or picks (2024 or 25) would you be willing to give up. Goff has finished the last 2 years as QB 10 and 7. He definitely has some very good games (25+pts) but he also seems to struggle 3-4 times a year. He's thrown basically 30TDs each of the past 2 years and expect something similar this year. Long term I could see him being a Kirk Cousins type as his ceiling if he stays in DET and they keep improving as an offence. Gibbs, LaPorta and JaMo all keep improving their offense could score more in 2024.

He has 1 more year with DET before he becomes a FA. I would think they extend him long term as he seems to fit very well into what they are doing. Any concern long term that he might not get extended?

Right now on KTC people view him as QB18. I think he's worth closer to QB12 and a possible buy right now. He's not a fancy high end QB1 but someone you could plug consistently in as your QB2 and get close to QB1 numbers most games. I think his value is so low right now and a good buy.

What are you willing to give up in player(s) or pick(s)? Who is buy and who isn't and why?
I think they extend him. On a great team with excellent weapons. Where are the rookie QBs going. If wanting immediate production, he beats them all but with age I put him at QB4-5. Next years class looks week, so any 25 1st, if outside top 5 would be gone and he helps cause now.

I own and not interested in trading but win now team with no needs. I rather trade Mahomes or Burrows for higher profit and keep Goff. I just talked about disassembling team a bit as that dominant and givin* bottom feeder Burrow instead. Looks kinder on paper to the league.
Problem you will face uis the Goff owner will likely understand his actual value more than most. Those that don't have him likely discount his value based on name/reputation so thibk he should be cheaper than his owners likely think.

He is a great SF asset. I would definitely pay top 12 QB value and maybe top 8-10 depending on my QB need. I would start offering top 15 value and see what his current owner thinks

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