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15K Contest Stats (1 Viewer)

Miami/Buffalo stats have been added.I wonder how many entrants had the Bledsoe/Henry combo on their team.What an ulgy night for those two.

150.5 give or take a few.....worst player used was barlow at 3.7 points. Reggie Wayne/Kerry Collins/LT were my big scorers.

Week 1 = 131.2 (4370 place)Week 2 = 183.1 (108 place)Brad Johnson = 17.6Jamal Lewis = 21.9Michael Pittman = 29.5Amani Toomer = 18.1Robert Ferguson = 6.4Johnnie Morton = 6.0 (Have Lelie tomorrow)Marcus Pollard = 0.0 :wall: :thumbdown: Jeff WIlkens = 11.0Seatle Defense = 12.0Total Week 3 = 122.5 (+ Lelie if > 6.0)Hope that is enough! :confused: I say, HECK YES!!! :boxing: :boxing: :boxing:

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I'm sitting around 120 with Portis to go. He would bump Dunn's points if he does well. I think I should be able to make it thanks to Wayne.

154 for wk3 with just Lelie >14.8 to go. 502 Pts ytd. The 5000 cut was 127 and 129 the first 2 wks but I agree with some others that the nature of scoring this week plus fewer teams alive will result in a lower cut. How much lower I dunno.

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I think I may be on the bubble but this was my worst Bye week with Davis,Stephen Car Bye Buckhalter, Correll Phi Bye Thrash, James Phi Bye Lewis Chad Phi ByeMy Scoreing Players wereMatt Hasselbeck 22.6Ahman Green 15.6Ontario Smith 1.9Reggie Wayne 36.1Jason Hanson 7Seattle Def 12For a Total of 120.4 and I have no Monday night players.

Holcomb 18.2Ricky 24.3K.Faulk 11.1Wayne 36.1Rogers 11.4Patten 3.0Ferguson 6.4D.Clark 9.6Hanson 7.0SF 7.0Looks like 134.1 with Portis left...not bad with Galloway,Bryant and Hambrick on a bye.

The link below is for the early Sunday games stats.I will keep this updated.The WR scoring is interesting.1. Reggie Wayne Harrison#232. Andre Johnson3. Drew Bennett Mason#214. Jerome Pathon Horn#605. Kelly Campbell Moss#1515K Week 3 StatsSted
LOL!I have R. Wayne AND A. Johnson! :excited: With Collins and Ricky I'm sitting pretty.148.2 and on to week four (bye bye Ricky on a BYE :( )I've scored between 147 and 152 all three weeks...Its all about CONSISTENCY baby!!! :brush:
week 1 - 2.034 with 147.10 Points

week 2 - 1.062 with 158.30 Points

week 3 - ??? with 148.40 Points

:thumbup: Should be enough! :thumbup:

Best players so far (in my team!):

Hasselbeck - 61.50

A. Green - 68.10

S. Mack - 28.80

Hilliard - 54.40

R. Wayne - 47.20

C. Rogers - 40.70

Crumpler - 53.90

Longwell - 19.00

Baltimore - 27.00 (damned! Does a fumble-return-TD by a Offenseplayer count for the Defense?)

Best players this week


A. Green

S. Mack


R. Wayne

C. Rogers




Hm, interesting thing, isn't it?

Ugh ... 98.7 with Brown tonight. Anything over 3.7 is gravy, but it looks like I'm dead. Henry and Dillon did me no favors this week.

I would assume that most with LT2 are gone.I'm up to 105.6 but I have Elam and Brown tonight. Bubble. :eek: :eek: :eek:

101.5 :(Need to see that Lelie break-out game folks have been talking about. I have 3.2 from my 3rd WR and I think I need about 20+ points from him tonight.Dare to dream, that's what I say. I don't want to leave, I really don't.Please don't make me.....

I could sure use a 20-point performance from Portis!

112.2 with Portis and M.Anderson left.

18.9 - D.Culpepper

14.2 - S.Mack

10.8 - A.Zereoue

21.9 - Kev.Johnson

13.0 - D.Jackson

12.6 - P.Warrick

4.8 - B.Miller

6.0 - M.Stover

10.0 - Miami

Even with Reggie Wayne, my sad-sacks in the low 100s (I think 104 and change was the exact total). Unless Sharpe subs for Miller with a huge game, it's exit, stage right. Thanks for the thread! And good luck, FG crew~!

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Looks like I'll be bowing out this week, guys. 87.7, with Lelie left to go (Hopefully he'll replace J. Morton's 6 pts)I'll have to go compose my get well card for Mr. Henry now...

Looks like Faulk's hand has done me in...that and crappy recievers.88.2brady, williams, faulk, walker, rogers, stokes, becht and seattle :rolleyes:

92 but with Portis left.Seems like a low scoring week so i imagine 120 will get the job done.
Thats just about exactly where I am with Portis to go. Have 2 wr's out with Inj (Porter, Finneran) and another on Bye this week.I am hoping Portis has a big night and that the (perceived?) lack of scoring accross the league leads to a much lower cut off point :(
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stedman:One thing that you should do is show ALL of the defensive statistics that a team can score on in the $15 K contest. Although the final numbers are correct, the Sacks and Defensive/Special Teams TD stats are not shown.Also, you must not have updated the statistics from the Sunday night game, because you show Josh Reed at 1-11-0, when he ended with 3-27-0, according to the NFL.COM boxscore.And finally, the QB total should be calculated down to the hundredths. Odd numbers in total passing yards can end with a 5 in the hundredths column.That's the end of my suggested improvements. I can only hope that you read this.Anyway, that puts me at the pathetic total of 75.65 + Clinton Portis. So, unless old CP goes off tonight, I figure I am out.Oh well. I knew I wouldn't win this contest anyway. But at least I made it up to the round of 4000. I can't complain about that at all.Now, my primary fantasy football team on the other hand... :(

Just checked my roster- I don't even remember picking Kerry Collins, Ike Hilliard and Drew Bennett but there they were. How come the best things I always do in life I don't remember doing? Maybe it's time for rehab.

I am projecting the cut at 110. Scoring is down about 10% from last week and there are a lot less entries in the contest this week. I have 108 with Lelie minus 11. I will need a big game.

140.8Collins - 25.5Williams - 24.3Williams - 20.9Wayne - 36.4Rogers - 11.4Stallworth - 4Dallas Clark - 9.6Stover - 6Cin - 3Looking at my roster though, I dont give myself much of a chance next week.

125.8 plus Elam, and Sharpe if he can produce better than 8.2(Franks)... :yucky: Thanks to Wayne, Ramsey, and Chrbet for a productive day...... :D I do get by two of my RB's bye weeks(Duce & Buckhalter) hopefully.. :thumbup: GO ELAM GO!!!!$15,000.00 sure would make my EX happy..... :wall:

Just wondering how you guys are coming up with the cut line. Is it just an anal extract or did you apply some math to it, and if so how?Phil

134.9.....God Bless you Jamal Lewis and Reggie Wayne and Kerry Collins and the Seattle Defense.Dillon, you suck.66th overall last week, i'll be happy just to make the cut this week.

I have Lelie as well....forgot about him. He has to beat Charlie Rogers 11.4 to be a factor though.GB Ramsey, George, Andre Johnson, and Reggie Wayne...


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