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15K Contest Stats (1 Viewer)

I've got 154 and it could go up since I still have Portis and Elam going tonight.I've got Hasselback, Jamal, Portis, McMichael, SF/Seattle Defense...The first two weeks, I've been ranked anywhere from 504 to 579...Not sure what I'll need to do to break into the top 64.I like my RBs (Jamal Lewis/Portis/Moe Williams), my QBs (Hasselbeck/Plummer/Holcomb), altho my WRs are really really weak (R. Wayne/Joey Galloway/Charles Roger/Eddie Kennison/Quincy)...so it looks like my ability to break out of the 500-range will depend on my WRs starting to breakout (perhaps Reggie's performance this week are a harbinger of things to come!).QB: Plummer, Jake (Den)-7.0QB: Hasselbeck, Matt (Sea)-8.0QB: Holcomb, Kelly (Cle)-2.0RB: Lewis, Jamal (Bal)-46.0RB: Bettis, Jerome (Pit)-4.0RB: Portis, Clinton (Den)-62.0RB: Williams, Moe (Min)-7.0WR: Wayne, Reggie (Ind)-7.0WR: Rogers, Charles (Det)-6.0WR: Galloway, Joey (Dal)-4.0WR: Kennison, Eddie (KC)-3.0WR: Morgan, Quincy (Cle)-20.0WR: Ferguson, Robert (GB)-4.0TE: McMichael, Randy (Mia)-7.0TE: Pollard, Marcus (Ind)-3.0PK: Elam, Jason (Den)-4.0PK: Dawson, Phil (Cle)-2.0Def: Seattle-2.0Def: San Francisco-2.0

The stats are updated for Mondays game. Hopefully having access to the stats on a different site with keep the traffic manageable on FBG. It sure has been slow the past 2 Tuesdays.

126.4 I might make the cutoff, but I bet it will be closeinjuries are starting to take their toll... I've now lost Jurevicius and Faulk, although I do have Gordon.Still losing 2 players in this formnat isn't good.


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