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16 team dynasty auction start-up (1 Viewer)

I'm new to the dynasty and auction all-together, however in 2 weeks we have our initial draft. It is a 25 man roster with a starting line up of

1 qb

2 rb

3 wr

1 te

1 flex

2 dl

3 lb

2 db

I know i have to be flexible in an auction, but i love gronk, julio, 20 some rb's and wouldnt mind spending a little on a qb ( dalton, eli, rivers, tannenhill)

is there any advice you may have as to who to throw up for auction first? my guys? other players i want them to buy? ( calvin johnson, aaron rodgers, etc)

i have my big board set up with tiers and sleepers, but... really curious as to postions and percentage of money i should allocate to each.

thanks for any and all incite



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