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1pm - Jimmy Graham [Q] - TE, NO - Active (1 Viewer)

This sux ...partially torn plantar fascia in his foot
I strained my plantar fascia and that was incredibly painful. However, once stretched, I had full range of motion in it. It just got sore quickly when I pushed it overnight when I wasn't flexing my foot. I'm not sure how a partially torn PF would feel, but I know Graham has some serious pain.

He's good enough for the Saints so he's good enough for me. But Graham owners should get a backup plan ASAP... someone like Jordan Reed for example. Hopefully some people planned ahead

My understanding is that this is a 4 week injury and he will come back stronger as long as he doesn't aggravate another muscle group while avoiding the pain.

Now i have to decide between Vernon Davis vs Jimmy Graham lol. :porked:

Healthy Davis vs a slightly injured Graham


No tight end in the league has a higher pass-catching grade than Jimmy Graham, per Pro Football Focus, and the New Orleans Saints are hoping to get what they can from him Sunday against theBuffalo Bills.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport told NFL Network's "NFL GameDay Morning" that Graham looms as a game-time decision because of the partially torn plantar fascia he sustained against the New England Patriots in Week 6. Graham plans to test the foot before kickoff, but the Saintsare "pessimistic" about his chances of playing, a source informed of the injury told Rapoport.

"It'll come down to the wire," per the source, who said Graham's availability will boil down to how much pain he can stand.

The Pro Bowl tight end rested his foot through the bye week but still needed to sit out Wednesday and Thursday before returning to practice Friday. If he can play against Buffalo, Graham doesn't figure to see a full workload.

UPDATE: The team announced that Graham will be active for Sunday's game after testing the injury in pregame warmups.

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I'd rather have Jimmy Graham in my lineup as he does nothing than have Jimmy Graham on my bench as he gets 100 and 2 TDs.



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