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1st Off-Season in Dynasty League: Need Help (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, so I am a co-commish in a Dynasty league and we are starting our second season. We have never had a rookie draft and I am wanting to have ours in June sometime and needing help setting it up.

We are a 12 team IDP and have 40 man rosters. We want to have a 3-4 round rookie draft in June, then have a 4 round FA draft at end of August, then have a cut day back down to 40.

I am looking for a platform to conduct the rookie draft. I would like to do an email draft but have it managed and timed out in someway. I stumbled across www.myemaildraft.com and it was supposed to help manage the emails, and archive picks and allow people to make picks online as well, but I can get the system to work correctly. It looks as if the guys behind it don't manage it much anymore maybe?

I cant get my access link for the league and its also not that user friendly so far.

What I am looking for is a system that will help manage our emails and provide a timer, that would send warning emails when you're on deck and when you're up along with alerts of who was drafted etc.

Anyone have any ideas?


Long time FFB commish, 1st-time dynasty commish

You could set up a free draft-only league on myfantasyleague. Use that league for the rookie draft and then move the players over.

Although, it would be ideal to not have to register for another type of service. I know some of the guys in the league will frown upon it. I wish I could get a response from the guys at myemaildraft.com It seemed to be exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Also, how would you limit the picks or the player pool to just rookies? Would be nice to be able to limit the options of players. I guess this is what you get for not playing in a premium league management site.


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