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*2 Spots Unpaid Left* 12 Team Auction Championships - Year 5- 9/1 Draft 7est- $250 PPR- $2,000 to 1st (1 Viewer)


"Auction Champs - Year 5" is our annual Yahoo Auction Draft League - Year 5 - $250 Entry - Drafts 9/1 at 7EST / 6CT (Links below)

5 Spots Remain!

Ladies and Gentleman, my world famous HIGH-er-ish stakes league is drafting Friday night at 7/6ct!
We will NOT allow any autodrafts because its horrible for everyone in the league.
Below are the settings in full but its Yahoo Scoring with full point per reception (PPR).
The only changes to settings are the extended starting roster sizes!
$200 Salary for Draft / $100 FAAB Season
6 Team Playoff Wks. 15,16,17

The following is the full roster and bench positions:

1QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1TE -2Flex(TE/WR/RB) - NO KICKER/DEF -7 Bench (+1IR)

So no stupid kicker, no dumb team defense, just extra 2 flex spots. Other than that... Full PPR and those 2 roster changes, its all default scoring.

Payouts: $2,000 to 1st; $750 to 2nd; $250 to 3rd; Heavily weighted for the CHAMP Of course...
Links below:
SUPER STAKES Auction league was requested and created. My leaguemates requested a Super Stakes draft for 9/2/23 (tonight) at 8:30 EST. QB/2xRB/2xWR/TE/3xFlex(wr-rb-te)/7xBench. No scoring changes other than full PPR, no kickers, no defenses. I commish 3 leagues on leaguesafe per year, this will be the best of them! Competitive and certainly not for rookies! We will fill prior to this 12 team draft tonight. First paid- get the 4 open spots. I have my $500 up already at: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4150201

**$3,250 1st place
$1,750 2nd place
$500 3rd Place
$500 Most Points Reg. Season**

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