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2013 NFL Draft Class Threads & Discussion (1 Viewer)


DYNASTY: Top 2013 College Prospects


Dynasty Value: Manuel v Geno

EJ Manuel

Geno Smith is the new Blaine Gabbert

How Does Matt Barkley Fit In Philadelphia?

Dynasty: QB Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Bucs


Why not Giovani Bernard at 1.01?

Anyone not like Eddie Lacy?

Is Eddie Lacy officially a stud Running Back?

My Thoughts on Lacy vs. Franklin

Jonathan Franklin RB UCLA

Andre Ellington - RB - Clemson.

Montee Ball

M Lattimore, RB, SC

Christine Michael

Le'Veon Bell

Zac Stacy is the highest drafted 5th round or later NFL pick in dynast

Zac Stacy Hype Train - Rams

Knile Davis RB - Arkansas

Latavius Murray, top 5 RB 2013 class

Stepfan Taylor - AZ Rb

***Mike James, RB Tampa Bay***

Denard Robinson and his Chris Johnson potential


2013 WR Class = 2009 WR Class?

Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin - Upside

Cordarrelle Patterson

No DeAndre Hopkins thread?

The Keenan Allen Hype Train

Terrance Williams.....Is there more to come?

Dynasty: WR Robert Woods, Buffalo Bills

U of Tennessee WR Justin Hunter

Markus Wheaton - Underrated?

Stedman Bailey.

Quinton Patton already one of Harbaugh's faves

Josh Boyce - anything to see

Aaron Dobson

Marquise Goodwin, WR Buffalo

Tavarres King, WR CAR

Former WSU WR Marquess Wilson

Kenny Stills Train .....

Charles Johnson - WR Grand Valley State

What's up with Da'rick Rogers

Hype Train has Fallen off the Tracks - Kenbrell Thompkins

kenbrell thompkins


Tyler Eifert, TE (CIN)

Dynasty & Redraft: TE Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles

Jordan Reed (TE) Hype Train

Travis Kelce

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I have wanted to start a project where the player threads for each draft class are archived into one thread. This project today took about an hour and a half, so I will see how much time and enthusiasm I can muster to go back for some of the other draft classes.

Let me know if there are any significant player threads that I may have missed, as I will add them with edits to the first post in this thread.


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