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2013 Survivor Week 1 - Double Jeopardy Version (1 Viewer)


NEW twist for 2013! Pick one winner AND one loser each week!

Since nobody else seems to be picking up the mantle, I'm going to go ahead and get this started.

2007 Winner - TC

2008 Winner - Almas_4th_Child, iowa clubbers, the rainmaker

2009 Winner - Neil Beufort Zod and Don't Noonan

2010 Winner - swampdog

2011 Winner - Grid71, SammyJankis

2012 Winner - SanDawg

The contest rules are very, very simple.

1. One entry per user name. To edit a selection, post a *correction*.

2. Select a NFL winner each week without duplicating a winner selection for the 2013 season. The weekly deadline is the team's kickoff.

3. NEW Select a NFL loser each week without duplicating a loser selection for the 2013 season. The weekly deadline is the team's kickoff. Added this rule because so many people went the distance in 2012. Let's make it harder!

4. Correct selections advance to the next week. Losing selections are out. If you pick wrong in either your winners or losers list, you are out. Missed entries are out.

5. Enjoy.

An example of an excellent entry format is below. Please use it. You can now use a team twice - once in your winner list and once in your loser list.

winners: GB, CIN, MIA, DAL, ATL, TB Week 07: NE

losers: PIT, GB, STL, CHI, NOR, MIN Week 07: MIA

Week 1 Schedule:

Thursday, September 5th

Ravens @ Broncos

Sunday, September 8th

Patriots @ Bills

Bengals @ Bears

Dolphins @ Browns

Falcons @ Saints

Buccanneers @ Jets

Titans @ Steelers

Vikings @ Lions

Raiders @ Colts

Seahawks @ Panthers

Chiefs @ Jaguars

Cardinals @ Rams

Packers @ 49ers

Giants @ Cowboys

Monday, September 9th

Eagles @ Redskins

Texans @ Chargers

Good luck!

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winners: (none) Week 01: Colts
losers: (none) Week 01: Bills

Thanks Riversco for setting this up. I really enjoyed it last year.

I like this twist - I had a similar idea (actually you picked one game and can't have picked the same winner or loser in that exact game - the math works, i.e. you never get into a position where you can't pick anyone) but not the wherewithal/time to run this contest :)

Wk 1:

Winner: IND

Loser: OAK

Thx for running this :)



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