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2021 Anarchy League 2 Thread (1 Viewer)


rzrback77 said:
six of the top seven listed undrafted players are PK. The NFL Roster churn at the PK position is real, so the longer the wait, the more trepidation.
In ABLC, I took Slye as the 22nd PK before there was really any talk of the Panthers swapping kickers. Even when you think you are safe you really aren't. If there really are 8-10 teams with insecure kicking spots, even if you drafted a kicker that is currently a FA, that player could easily be signed by another team at some point (to avoid a 0 scoring on the season is these leagues).

Take NE, as an example, Nordin got the roster spot but they put Folk on the practice squad because another NFL team likely would have claimed Nordin. But I am not convinced Nordin will actually be their starting PK. Put another way, if they really intended to roll out Nordin, there would be no reason to bring back Folk.

The Data Dominator basically only projects one kicker per team to score any points for the entire season. So as far as predicting the final standings, the musical kicker situation kind of throws that into the air.



Hey, maybe it is my year after all.

DET and HOU TMQBs are both going to over-perform (#6 and #11 in week 1). Three TEs and Tyreek Hill and hope the rest can contribute occasionally.


Pigskin Fanatic

second place on the backs of Cordarelle and Hollywood. Who woulda thunk it. Quite proud of that Cordarelle pick though. Down to 3 receivers with Chark out, unless Tarik Cohen comes back week 7-8ish I'm toast in the long run.



League seems pretty tight, less than 250 point differential top to bottom 7 weeks in. 

I've fallen to the middle of the pack but get Rashod Bateman and Tyrod Taylor back at least.

And as always, we should have TMPK. Will f-ing Lutz.


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