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2023 Anarchy League 1 Thread (1 Viewer)


Thanks for sniping me, @Riddick02. I had Jeff Wilson at the top of my pre-draft list; woke up to see that he went 1 pick ahead of me and was now on IR.
My team with D and 2 WR to go

wish I could mix and match with league 4 tean

qB. 2 good ones with playoff inspirations (LAC, Dall)
RB. I like it but Hall is the key. How does he do. Nice foursome with only Pats not playoff contender (Barkley, Stevenson, Hall, Bigsby)
WR. Opposite of 4 where this is weak. Still like it though. All should score okay and expect more than draft position . (Thomas, Moore, Doubs, Palmer)
TE. Made mistake in both. Should have taken Musgrave over Doubs. Smith-Mayer is interesting
pK. Don’t want 1 that might lose job On good O. Check-Chrck. Bass/McManus

interesting team at leadt
1.03 WR Justin Jefferson MIN
Kelce is the runaway top pick this year, and then it's a close call between the top QBs & WRs.
Also considered: QB Eagles, QB Bills, WR Ja'Marr Chase

2.14 RB Nick Chubb CLE
Dis guy gud.

3.03 WR Chris Olave NO

Already one of the best route runners in the game.
Also considered: WR Tee Higgins

4.14 TE David Njoku CLE
I have him projected similarly to the next few WRs, but good to get a TE and another Brown on board.
Also considered: WR Christian Watson, WR Brandon Aiyuk, WR Christian Kirk

5.03 WR Brandon Aiyuk SF
Playoff value helps him stand out from the rest.

6.14 QB Browns CLE
As long as I have a Cleveland stack, I'll reach a little for their TMQB.
Also considered: RB Dameon Pierce

7.03 RB Dameon Pierce HOU
Potential workhorse. Surprised he fell this far.

8.14 WR Treylon Burks TEN
Big tier drop after Gerald Everett; left me with a lot of options here. Decided to take a swing at upside, and less worried about Burks's injury than most of the other WR injuries.
Also considered: WR Tyler Boyd, TE Hayden Hurst, QB Broncos, WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR Quentin Johnston, WR Kadarius Toney, TE Tyler Conklin, PK Justin Tucker, PK Harrison Butker, RB Antonio Gibson, RB Samaje Perine, DEF Eagles

9.03 PK Justin Tucker BAL
Great kicker + good team + playoff value + job security.
Also considered: lots

10.14 WR Rashod Bateman BAL
Also considered: PK Harrison Butker, TE Cade Otton

11.03 PK Harrison Butker KC

12.14 RB Tyler Allgeier ATL

13.03 DEF Jets NYJ

Also considered: WR Michael Gallup, QB Cardinals

14.14 RB Chuba Hubbard CAR
Committee back & handcuff who seems to have a fairly secure role, and I'm more worried about what the remaining RBs will look like a couple rounds from now than at other positions.
Also considered: DEF Browns, WR Jonathan Mingo, WR Jayden Reed, WR Curtis Samuel, WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, QB Cardinals, TE Logan Thomas

15.03 DEF Browns CLE
Quadrupling down on my bet on the Browns to make the postseason. Also thinking that this is the least likely of players on my short list to make it to the next round.
Also considered: WR Jayden Reed, WR Curtis Samuel, QB Cardinals, TE Logan Thomas

16.14 WR Jayden Reed GB
Also considered: TE Logan Thomas

17.03 QB Cardinals ARI
Betting on Kyler. I've been eyeing him for several rounds, and waiting out of a combination of fear & greed. But I'm less afraid of Kyler missing the whole season when I'm paying rd17 prices (and choosing between him & TEs that also carry tons of risk), and betting on him still being there as QB32 in rd18 feels like too much greed.
Also considered: TE Logan Thomas, TE Austin Hooper

18.14 TE Logan Thomas WAS
I don't like taking on this much injury risk, but TE got picked clean by the end of rd10. Thomas is at least in line to be a starter, and had that one big year.

I got a lot of Cleveland Browns, strong WRs PKs & DEFs, and some significant injury risk from Logan Thomas, Kyler Murray, and Rashod Bateman, but I'm hoping I got those guys late enough so that the upside outweighs the downside. In hindsight I wish I'd gotten my TE2 earlier, maybe Conklin or Hurst rd9 instead of Tucker. Then could've taken a rd10 kicker instead of Bateman and a rd18 WR (Rashee Rice, Rashid Shaheed, Robert Woods, Mecole Hardman, Chase Claypool, and Mack Hollins all went undrafted), or something like that. Didn't need to go kicker quite so early given how late we're drafting, since opening day depth charts have settled.

I like the squads that Aaron Rudnicki, Genester, and David Yudkin put together.
Draft Dominator Review total team strength for Anarchy 1 2023

QBs -
  1. Public Ridicule 721
  2. Rudnicki 715
  3. renesauz 673
  4. Crippler 653
  5. Dickey Moe 609
RBs -
  1. BroncoFrk23 681
  2. Go DC You 636
  3. Crippler 588
  4. Genester 523
  5. ZWK 513
WRs -
  1. Genester 1217
  2. ZWK 1086
  3. rzrback77 1015
  4. BassNBrew 957
  5. BroncoFrk23 879
TEs -
  1. David Yudkin 554
  2. BassNBrew 463
  3. Bro1ncos 448
  4. Maggot Brain 414
  5. Rudnicki 401
PKs -
  1. ZWK 298
  2. Rudnicki 283
  3. Crippler 271
  4. Genester 265
  5. Bro1ncos 259
  6. renesauz 259
DSTs -
  1. Ryheaps 239
  2. Dickey Moe 237
  3. BassNBrew 237
  4. Bro1ncos 236
  5. renesauz 234
Overall -
  1. Genester 2928
  2. ZWK 2896
  3. Rudnicki 2872
  4. David Yudkiin 2785
  5. BroncoFrk23 2762
  6. Bro1ncos 2761
  7. BassNBrew 2751
  8. rzrback77 2714
  9. Maggot Brain 2706
  10. Stinkin Ref 2669
  11. Public Ridicule 2664
  12. Crippler 2612
  13. Go DC You 2601
  14. Ryheaps 2593
  15. renweauz 2537
  16. Dickey Moe 2505
011 - Tyreek Hill MIA WR4
Hill ranked 4th and 2nd the past 2 years. He wants 2K receiving yards.

022 - T.J. Hockenson MIN TE5
I know he saw a ton of targets in MIN last year (and ranked 2nd). Swap out Addison for Thielen and Hockenson should still get a lot of dump off passes.

043 - Pat Freiermuth PIT TE9
Ranked 11th last year in points in essentially only 14 games.

054 - Josh Jacobs LVR RB15
May have lucked out as he fell due to his contract situation. Still had an insane workload last year, so still not a sure thing.

075 - George Pickens PIT WR32
I've seen some reports from PIT beat guys that Johnson and Pickens could WR1A and WR1B on PIT with a lot closer target share.

086 - Miles Sanders CAR RB20
The Panthers aren't the Eagles. Last year's RB20 scored 156.90 points. Sanders had 227.80. I'm banking he won't tail off by almost 50%.

107 - Detroit Lions DET TMQB18
The Lions TMQB ended up at 16th last year and are a decent bet to earn an extra game.

118 - Gerald Everett LAC TE19
Williams target, reception, and yardage totals have increased each year. Ranked 8th last season.

139 - Quentin Johnson LAC WR54
I don't usually draft rookies, but Johnson plays for a playoff contender and I didn't love whomever else was available at that spot in the draft.

150 - Jamaal Williams NOS RB42
Had more rushing TD last year (17) than he did the prior 5 seasons (13). He'll likely fall back to where he was, which was in the RB40s.

171 - Rondale Moore ARI WR62
With Hopkins out of the picture, there are a lot of targets available on a team that should be behind constantly. If he gets 100 targets, he'llbe in the WR45-50 range.

182 - New England Patriots NEP DEF8
Their offense may not be great, but their defense is almost always good in these leagues.

203 - Devin Singletary HOU RB52
Hoping for 750-800 YFS and 3-4 TD.

214 - Jake Moody SFO PK16
SF kickers scored 177 points in 2021 (5th) and 184 points in 2022 (1st). Yet Moody went 16th.

235 - New England Patriots NEP TMQB29
I expect the Pats offense to look a lot more like 2021 than 2022 with Mac in the 4000/25-30 range.

246 - Kendrick Bourne NEP WR78
And I expect Bourne to end up as the highest scoring NE WR. Surprised no one drafted Pop Douglas in any of the leagues.

267 - Ka'imi Fairbairn HOU PK29
He normally ends up ranked around PK20.

278 - Los Angeles Rams LAR DEF29
Everyone needs a last pick. Would be happy if they chipped in 100 points.

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