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Good questions, Joe.
For me, the most important factor in contests is the vig charged. It can be extremely hard to calculate in a lot of contests, so I also appreciate transparency, which some of your competitors seem to avoid. I don't think I've tried to calculate yours.
It's like when I go to Vegas, I only play backpack and craps. I like my wahers as close to 50/50 as I can get. I also prefer games of skill, which is more in line with football contests than table games. As long as the rake isn't too high.
Good luck with this year's contest, I'll try and figure it in time to enter thisv season.
I'm about ready to do this, now I found out you can't do any Fantasy betting in Connecticut, except on Draft Kings and Fan Duel. Crazy. I guess the Indian casinos some how established a monopoly. I can't even do the crappy Yahoo pay leagues.
Do you know if it would be possible/legal to drive to a neighboring state to do the draft and pay for the team, but still manage the team back at my home in CT?

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