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3 Bold Predictions for Week 2 of the NFL Playoffs (1 Viewer)

As a Lance manager, I’m hoping purdys carriage turns back into a pumpkin. Bah humbug. SF is the better team with better coaches. So it would be bold to predict Dallas to win imo. Bold prediction = ain’t got one.

Jacksonville. That D can turn it up. Nothing would surprise me in that game. It would be bold indeed for this weekend to be T laws coming out party. I’ll call it a bold prediction.

I’m not sure who’s going to win the bills game but my bold prediction is that mixon struggles mightily. He looked better than meh last week.

Eagles by one score . Milquetoast prediction
1. Joe Mixon scores 5 TDs again
2. A pass will bounce off of Devonta Smith's hands into the arms of a Giants DB. On the return, as the DB is reaching for the pylon, he loses the ball out of bounds. Touchback, Philly ball. Game over.
3. Chiefs- Jags sets an NFL record for most penalties in a playoff game.
* Philly wins a close one, say 4 points or so, but Daniel Jones will look great even in defeat. With the Eagles o line back to full strength, I don't see NY getting any pressure and Hurts picking them apart.
* KC wins, but Jax makes it a game. The KC defense can't stop anyone and Lawrence will put up a solid stat line, but Mahomes knows how to win. KC by 6.
* SF beats Dallas in the lopsided game of the weekend. The Niners defense frustrates Dak into throwing 3 INT's (one returned for a score) and SF wins by 11.
* in the coin flip game of the week (no pun intended) I'll go with Buffalo. Cincy has too many injuries, but will make it a game. Buffalo by 3.

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