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3 Questions For Shark Pool - 2022 Las Vegas Raiders #Mood (1 Viewer)

Joe Bryant

Staff member
We've got some of the best and brightest fantasy football (and real football) minds in the world on this forum. Would love to hear what you think on this. 

3 Questions:

1. How's It Going in Las Vegas for the Raiders? Please pick: Good, Neutral, Bad (considering the offense)

2. Who are you in on (considering the cost) in Las Vegas?

3. Who are you out on (considering the cost) in Las Vegas?

Please try to use this as a guide on length for these:

1 line of text = amazing!
This is an example of the length of reasoning that's awesome.

2 lines of text = great!
This is an example of the length of reasoning that's great. It's not awesome, but it's okay to not be awesome all of the time.

3 lines of text = probably too much
This is an example of the length of reasoning that's just a little bit too long. 

4+ lines of text = too much
This is an example of the length of reasoning that's simply too much. 

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1. Good. Expect it to be the wild, wild West in the AFC this year and see lots of shootouts on the horizon. 

2. Derek Carr. Derek Carr is a great option if taking the “wait on QB approach”. 

3. Darren Waller. I try and avoid those 2nd tier TE’s that you have to take a chance on earlier than I’d like after the studs are off of the board. Darren Waller fits that bill this year. 



1. Good. As stated above, the team has six games against the Chargers, Broncos and Chiefs. Don't expect defense to reign supreme there. 

2. Derek Carr. The lack of rushing upside caps him a bit, but I expect him to throw more than he ever has and he has dynamite receiving options around him. 

3. Davante Adams. Not down on him per se, and I expect him to put up some strong numbers, but not elite numbers given that I think he's going to have to get used to sharing targets a lot more than he ever had in GB.

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1. Good. The addition of Davante Adams in addition to Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow, and a good running game makes this offense potent. 

2. In On. Depends on their redraft ADPs. Probably Carr and Renfrow because Renfrow is a pure technician at route running and Adams won't be the only one catching footballs in Vegas. 

3. Out On. Davante Adams. We don't know how good Carr really is and we're about to find out. Is it worth the first-round cost to do so? Not for me. 

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1. Good. Weapons and shootouts galore. As a NE fan and given McDaniels relative lack of success in Denver, I'm not supremely confident but cautiously optimistic.

2. In On- Carr, Adams, Renfrow and Zamir at cost. Adams' ceiling is the WR1, Carr and Renfrow will outperform their ADP.

3. Out on. Waller at cost. TBD if he can convert from volume to efficiency. Odds he sees 19 targets in a game ever again +/- 0.01%



1-Good-it feels like McDaniels understands what he did wrong in Denver, and this is his last chance to be a HC...the aggressiveness in going after Adams shows they understand they need to put up points.

2-Renfrow-he and McDaniels seems like a perfect fit and with Adams and Waller around defenses will not be focusing on him as much as they could be.

3-WRs not named Adams and Renfrow (more about bigger leagues)-when the Pats have a stud, they use the hell out of them...I don't think any WR besides Adams and Renfrow will be worth your time.  



1. Very good.

2. In on - Carr - if Dak is in the QB9-10 range...and Carr is in the QB14-15 range, Don't see much of a difference here.  Prescott lost Cooper/Car gained Adams.

3. Out on - Jacobs - an RB in his 4th year where the 5th year wasn't picked feels vulnerable.



IBL Representative
1.   Good.  Iron sharpens iron, and this division is overflowing with iron.

2.  In on;  Carr, Jacobs, Drake, Adams, Renfrow, Carlson

3.  Out Waller,  White, other WR's.



1- GREAT , finally the team has a stadium that the team can feel like a 21st century football organization , i think it will bring out the best in its players .

2- In on the Carr / Adams connection. These 2 are so excited to be playing on the same team again ,they are going to shock people with their immediate chemistry 

3- out on the defense , they are a year away from being elite (which makes Carr and company even more explosive in shootouts)



1 - Good.  Not sure it will translate into wins/playoffs because that division is so stacked, but they have as good a chance as anyone else in it. 

2 - In on Adams. He went there for a reason and that's his connection with Carr.  He'll get fed.  

3 - Out on Waller.  His benefit was volume, and now that Renfrow has emerged and Adams is in town he takes a backseat in the offense volume-wise. 


Pigskin Fanatic

1-Good. Raiders have had talent in the last decade, albeit maybe not superbowl talent. The whole stadium distraction is now gone and what better team to embrace sin city.

2-In on Carr. His weekly fantasy scoring rank with Ruggs in 2021 (6pt td): 11, 10, 8, 24 (@LAC), 31 (vCHI), 12, 10. Same o-line, much improved receiver room, healthy (hopefully) running game, probable desperation game scripts very often in 2022, and improved coaching from there should mean rocket ship into a top 10 finish for the season.

3-Out on Carlson. I really can't think of any offensive weapon on this team not improving from last year so reaching way out there on this one. Maybe less FG attempts because of the shootouts?



1 - Great -  The atmosphere upgrade was a total facelift for the franchise in line with their approach to life!  

2- In on Carr, Adams, Zamir - Carr has his BFF to work with and solid supporting cast to make offense explosive! 

3- Out on Waller, Jacobs -  Only so many pigskins (1) to go around and Waller "was" more of best guy left previous seasons.  Today is a whole new OC Scheme! 



1. Neutral, I think they are being overrated somewhat, and I have major concerns about their OL and minor concerns about McDaniels. I'm not sure the offense will be better or just different. 

2. Not sure I'm all that in on anybody, but if I had to pick I guy I like above ADP its probably Adams. 

3. Not really out on anybody (in general I think the ADPs are about right) but I doubt I'll end up with any shares of Renfrow. See a lot of his catches from last year, going to Adams. Probably won't get any of Carr either.

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1) Good. Adams gives a WR1 option I don't think we've truly had since Tim Brown, remainder of offensive pieces seem above average, division plus defensive questions should equal points.

2) Carr for the above reasons, genuinely think he can put up top 8-10 numbers at a high QB2 price. Will also say Jacobs, got a feeling they'll just grind him into the ground then release and go Zamir in 2023.

3) Adams I think is maybe going a bit high, don't think he gets the targets to justify current ADP. None of the non-Jacobs RBs are likely costing much of anything right now, but I don't see anyone as viable in standard redraft and better end of bench flyers are surely available



1. Good - in terms of both teams total points the Raiders are likely to be high on the list every week

2. In: Carr, can rise above the QB flat zone.  Renfrow - cheap option to stack with Carr.  

3. Out - Adams.  I suspect the offense to be more horizontal featuring Renfrow and Waller.  Adams' target share and efficiency likely go down.



1. Neutral:  As a team I think they will be streaky and therefore be good and disappointing week to week.

2. In:  If I wait on QB then Carr is a nice committee QB to have.  I think Renfrow is underrated and will come cheap enough that he is a nice WR3/Flex play every week. 

3. Out:  I have never been a fan of Jacobs even though he has produced.  I think I stay away from him as I think the backfield is more RBBC than it has been.  



1. Good. The whole division is going to be fun. Lots of high scoring games this year  

2. Renfrew seems almost forgotten in some circles. There’s a chance he’s the #4 option on offense but also a very real chance he greatly outproduces his ADP. I’ll take the chance on Carr if able to take him as my 2. I especially like him with Lance in best ball.  I’ll even take a shot with Jacobs as a low 2.  

3. I had been trying to trade Adams in dyno but nobody is buying for what I’d sell, so I guess I’m in on him too. Except he’s ranked too high (despite being on every list here?) 🤷 not really avoiding anyone. 



IBL Representative
1) Good - lots of shootouts coming this season.  May be some streakiness but highs will outweigh lows.

2) Derek Carr - Offense will go through him.   Harder to predict which receiver will benefit, but all will filter through DC.

3) Josh Jacobs - I think this will be his last year in LV; will likely have more emphasis on the passing game, and while I think he has some receiving chops, it's never been used.



1) Great, MD making good FO moves. DA in town. Love the new DC and McD should fix the RZ woes.

2) Carr and Renfrow

3) Carlson, D due to division. Run game feels like it will be a different RB each week 



1. Neutral- I like what they’ve done lately to make the best of their situation, but i don’t see a high ceiling.

2. Carr. Going to be in shootouts and they keep investing in weapons.

3. Adams- WR with new everything is just too many variables. Renfrow in the slot will decrease DA catches.



1.  Good.   New stadium.  New HC.  No goofy Gruden.  Offense has great skill players.  Most games should be high scoring and fun to watch.   It’s a brutal division and the Raiders will likely just miss the playoffs though.

2.  Carr.  The AFC W is going to produce a lot of points and Carr has fantastic weapons.  With a below average D, LV will have to throw often   

3.  Jacobs.  He is a good RB but I expect more of a committee and the run game to be abandoned in order to keep up with the rest of the division.   



1. Good.  Vegas is going to have to score a lot points to compete in the AFC West.  Lots of talent at all skill positions.

2. in on Carr - will likely throw for 5000 yards,, great value at QB15

2. in on Adams - yes, Carr is a downgrade from Rodgers but Adams is one of the best WRs in the game and Carr was his college QB.   120 catches and 12-13 TDs is in range.

3. out on Waller - Adams kills a lot of his value.  Rather take Schultz or Hockenson a round or 2 later.


Hot Sauce Guy

Joe Bryant said:
3 Questions:

1. How's It Going in Las Vegas for the Raiders? Please pick: Good, Neutral, Bad (considering the offense)
good. Adams was a huge addition, and they should be competitive even in a brutal division. 

Joe Bryant said:
2. Who are you in on (considering the cost) in Las Vegas?
In on Adams. He’s going early round 2, and that slight drop-off allows me to take a Chase/Adams or Swift/Adams all-upside combo at/near the turn. 

also very in on Jacobs in the 4th - they’re gonna run him into the ground & there should be plenty of holes. 

Joe Bryant said:
3. Who are you out on (considering the cost) in Las Vegas?
A little worried about Waller’s injury history, and whether Hunter Renfrow can maintain his value with an alpha dog receiver in the mix. Not out on either, but they’re risky at ADP. 


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