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$80 email Auction PPR DynastyContractEmpireSuperPool startup (1 Viewer)


so i couldn’t find a league that combines all the best ideas into one, so i made my own. i am looking for owners who are competitive, serious, and are addicted to fantasy football. League email slow auction draft starts third week of July to keep us busy during training camps. i will recruit and over invite as many owners as i can find, but only the first 30 teams that pay through LeagueSafe will be granted access to the league.

it's $80 entry each year and you need to be prepaid for the following season, so $160 total upfront with 2 year commitment. here's the details below. please let me know if you would like to join. lots of money to win and many ways to win!

- 32 teams, 2 conferences, 8 divisions realigned each year to improve league parity. (1 NFL roster pool per conference)
- 20 man rosters, 2 man taxi squad, 1 man Injured Reserve.
- 9 starters with super flex options: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 3 flex RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DEF.
- The proven, balanced Paragon PPR scoring system.
- 12 team Playoff structure where only the best teams qualify.
- Set players’ contract lengths for all players on your roster. (No salary cap)
- Play GM with FA auctions with blind bidding waivers; apply extensions, franchise/transition tags to your players.
- Annual rookie-only draft in mid May after the real NFL Draft.
- Super Pool: Holdover $100 of prize money every season to be paid out to the league champ of the 3rd year. (+$300 extra to champion every 3 seasons; helps promote league longevity and rewards teams rebuilding for glory)
- EMPIRE Progressive Jackpot: Holdover $90 each season to rolling pot that is paid out when a franchise wins in back to back seasons. (helps promote longevity, a true challenge of dominance, and very interesting owner strategies)
- 100% payouts less MFL.com league fees: weekly high score, division winners, playoff teams, NFL Pick'em, Survivor Pool, Toilet Bowl, and 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners.
- LeagueSafe used to hold funds with 51% majority owner approval for disbursement.
- 100% prepaid fees for the following season to ensure league longevity/long term viability.

League champion wins $450
2nd place wins $250
AFC Conference runner up wins $110
NFC Conference runner up wins $110
3rd place game wins $10 bonus
Each Division winner wins $30 (8 divisions*$30 each=$240 allocated)
Each Playoff team wins $40 (6 teams in each conference with highest VPs, 12 playoff teams*$40 = $480 allocated)
AFC Toilet Bowl champ wins = $20
NFC Toilet Bowl champ wins = $20
AFC Weekly Highest Scoring Team = $15 (for 16 weeks*$15=$240 allocated)
NFC Weekly Highest Scoring Team = $15 (for 16 weeks*$15=$240 allocated)
Super Pool hold over every year for 3 years= $100 ($100* 3 years = +$300 in addition to 1st place prize won in year 3, year 6, year 9, and so on)
EMPIRE Progressive Jackpot hold over every year = $90
NFL Pick ‘Em Winner = $30 (runs week 1-17; if tied at end, prize split)
NFL Survivor Pool Winner = $30 (runs week 1-17; if tied at end, prize split)

The league is here: http://www29.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/71083#0
(scoring and league bylaws are under top menu Reports > Rules)

please private message me, reply to this post, or email me at: joshuacuaton@gmail.com and let me know your name, email, and briefly: how many fantasy fb leagues you are in and why you want to join this one so that I can send the invite. any questions/clarifications please let me know also. please let me if you would like to join or if you could pass this on to anyone else who would be interested in joining.

josh cuaton
joncurrier, i sent you a message. please reply back or email me at joshuacuaton@gmail.com and let me know what email address to send the leaguesafe invite to. i am having all owners go to leaguesafe to pay first, then once paid, i send the invites to the league site itself.

yes, there is 1 spot still open. please email me at joshuacuaton@gmail.com or message me here with your email address so i can send the invite


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