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A bunch of RB news (1 Viewer)


The Press Democrat reports that the 49ers gave Frank Gore the day off on Wednesday. Gore was walking very gingerly Monday after the game. DeShaun Foster filled in as the 49ers' No. 1 back during practice.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was limited during practice on Wednesday due to a sore hamstring. The Vikings don't have to list Peterson's status until Friday, according to Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Johnson removed from goal line packages

The Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs have been practicing their goal line package without running back Larry Johnson.

Puts gun to head . . .

ONCE AGAIN . . . the Larry Johnson one is completely inaccurate. He has not been removed from anything. He did not play in passing only downs near the goal line because the Chiefs were behind. He has not been replaced as a goal line back.


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