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Accept this offer for T. Hill in PPR dynasty? (1 Viewer)

Trade Kupp and 1.7 for T. Hill?

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  • Run for your life! (reject)

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So I guess I'd normally say I'm NOT a risky FF player but I'm REALLY tempted here. As of this morning I guess no one knows if he's going to be suspended or not. So based on the info we have, would you guys accept this offer based on my roster? We start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 flex and its PPR scoring. 

Give: Kupp and 1.7

Get: T. Hill

Current Roster:
Ryan, Cousins, Darnold
Gurley, Gordon, Guice, Gio Bernard, Dion Lewis
Julio, Kupp, Lockett, Crowder, Shepard, Callaway, Moncrief, Hogan, Nelson, Rogers
Eifert, Reed, McDonald, Ian Thomas
Picks: 1.7, 2.7, 3.7, 4.7

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I think it is great value but I haven't really looked into the allegations other than I know that there are some allegations.  It all boils down to your impression of the situation.  Based on your research do you think Hill be suspended for a significant stretch.  If so I probably don't do it right now.  If you think it's 50-50 or less of a chance of being suspended I probably do the deal. 

ETA:  It's the kind of deal that can win it for you and in reality it probably doesn't kill you if Hill does indeed get suspended. 

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If I could move the 1.7 for a decent looking 2020 #1 I'd stand pat. If I can't move the 1.7 for the 2020 #1 I'd cash in and take the gamble to acquire Hill.



Keep Kupp. He was on something like A 80/1300/12 pace before injury last year and makes that offense go.

I'd say the odds are better than 50-50 Hill gets suspended. Too much to give on a gamble.

I just pulled off a trade for Hill but I got the other owner to accept Allen Robinson and Randall Cobb for him.  That was worth the gamble.



So I look at a suspension about the same as assuming a player will be injured for part of the season. The way I would look at the trade is to look at the multiyear effects of doing the trade. Kupp will never be as dynamic as Hill but who are you giving up with the 1.7 is the question you need to try and figure out.


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