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Add Sony Michel? (1 Viewer)


League Owner dropped Sony Michel and I'd like to pick him up? Who can I consider dropping?

10 Team PPR

A. Rodgers; A. Luck

*L. Bell; *J. Conner; L. Miller; M Ingram; T. Coleman; C. Thompson; J. White

K. Allen; L. Fitzgerald; J. Landry; K. Galladay;

R. Gronkowski

Bears DST

H. Butker

I love him (just got him myself) but I think your roster is better without him. Possibly he cuts into White eventually but it's anyone's guess.

If you truly think Michel is going to excel when healthy then I could see dropping White as he will probably never play for you.  If you see White and Michel fairly even then just keep White since he is actually healthy. 

Yea, if Sony hits and becomes a 3 down back then White won't be worth much at that point. You have enough RB depth that you aren't likely to be using White anyway.


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