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AFC East is a joke - beating up on AFC and NFC West (1 Viewer)


The AFC East is getting a lot of hype as a strong division. In reality, it is a bunch of mediocre teams who are padding their records by feasting on the bottom-dwellers of the AFC West and NFC West.

The Jets' win over Tennessee is the AFC East's only significant victory of the season. Look what the East has done outside its division. Nothing. They are 1-3 vs. the AFC North (with the Jets beating Cincy) and 2-2 vs. the South (Jets over Titans, Bills over Jags).

Jets - Big Wins

@ Tennessee


Jets - Big Losses

@ San Diego

@ Oakland


Pats - Big Wins


Pats - Big Losses

@ San Diego

@ Indy


Dolphins - Big Wins

San Diego

Dolphins - Big Losses

@ Arizona

@ Houston


Bills - Big Wins


Bills - Big Losses

@ Arizona

@ Cleveland

Right now everyone is talking about how the Pats will run the table to reach the playoffs and the Jets are contenders for the #2 seed. I expect every team in the East to stumble down the stretch, despite their easy schedules, with only team emerging to reach the playoffs.

What is your definition of a "big win" or a "big loss?" I don't understand how Houston or Cleveland is a "big" anything - or why a loss to Baltimore and Houston are both "big" - when those two teams have little in common.

AFC east is still rebuilding...

The Pats were on a tier by themselves and lost the MVP of the league and a few other big time players - I suspect they will be back next year... That alone knocked the east down a little competitively.

Jets had 1/3 of their starters new and were and are a work in progress all year coming off a 4-12 year.

Miami has made HUGE strides and no doubt will compete for the near future...

Buffalo - Sheesh, I think they're still on the upswing.... Seemd like they had a QB and now who knows... Needs an OL?

IMO, the whole NFL is pretty much a mixed bag right now - There's not many teams in the whole league that you can fee like you have no chance against, and on the other side there's only about 2-3 teams you can chalk a W up to right now....

When we start next year, I'd have to think the East will be considered one of the better divisions.

If the AFC east is a joke then what is the AFC west and NFC west? The NCAA DII?

Who will the AFC and NFC west send to the playoffs – Denver and Arizona? Are they better then teams in the AFC or NFC east who DON’T make the playoffs? Perhaps that is an east coast bias thing?

I think what people are trying to figure out is who are the BEST teams to be in the playoffs. So with that in mind who are the least flawed teams that should make the playoffs? Providing the most entertainment and story lines for the media engine known as the NFL?

So who do you want to see?

I'll take the bait...

if they are feasting on the AFC west and NFC west how come so many of those "big losses" are to the NFC west and AFC west?

NOt a joke by any stretch. Every team is competitve and decent.

Over-rated slightly in some circles perhaps. Every team will end with a better record then they probably deserve due to playing ridiculously soft schedules.

I think most informed fans realize this though. They may have the best overall W/L record in the NFL as a division when all's said and done...but most will realize why. I don't see anyone parading them as the best division in football...just one of the most competitive. (Meaning all four are well in the race, and no one team is dominating the others)

AFC East I would say are in the biggest fight right now. I agree what Reaper said and for teams that have all have new QB's right now, they are different teams than even last year. They all are fighting for their lives.

How could the Cardinals (division leaders) count as a big loss for one team, but not a big win for another (Jets)?

The Jets went 1-3 vs. the AFC West and 2-0 vs. the NFC West, so since their record is 8-4, they are 5-1 against their own division plus others, while being 3-3 against the two West divisions, so how exactly is that padding their record?


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