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Aggresive trading in your dynasty startup ;The Big Trade Up (1 Viewer)


I had forgotten about this SF start up trade experiment I did last summer. I qualified for the playoffs and was knocked out in the wildcard. 



Team has Burrow & Lance as my starting QBs next year. 
Landing JT was big and I also have Kamara. 
Lamb & Waddle my best two WRs. 
Some nice depth at the TE position with Knox, Kmet, & Higbee.  

Conclusion: I enjoyed trading up to score some great players, however there are some real deficiencies in my WR depth due to of all the trading of 2 for 1 draft picks. 
I’m not sure if I’ll ever try it again as I think I prefer trading back but I like my core group of starting players. 

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Just Win Baby

I just finished a Superflex startup draft, my first since at least 2013. 12 teams, start 1Q 1R 2W 1T 4F 1SF 1PK 1 DST. Staggered PPR - 0.75 RB, 1.0 WR, 1.25 TE. QB scoring significantly reduced compared to normal leagues.

I made 3 trades. Collectively:

Moved down from 1.1 to 1.10 (-9 spots) - drafted RB Taylor instead of RB McCaffrey
Gave up 2022 2nd round pick - hopefully late 2nd round

in exchange for:

Moved up from 2.12 to 2.3 (+9 spots) - drafted RB Cook
Moved up from 3.12 to 3.3 (+9 spots) - drafted WR Adams
Moved up from 10.1 to 8.2 (+23 spots) - drafted QB Brady
Moved up from 15.12 to 12.10 (+38 spots) - drafted WR Robby Anderson

I ended up with this roster:

QB (3) - Cousins (7.12), Wentz (8.1), Brady (8.2)
RB (6) - Taylor (1.10), Cook (2.3), Henry (4.1), Mattison (12.1), Hines (16.1), Chris Evans (19.12)
WR (9) - Adams (3.3), Evans (5.12), Aiyuk (6.1), Rondale Moore (9.12), Davis (11.12), Anderson (12.10), Van Jefferson (18.1), John Brown (20.1), Schwartz (21.12)
TE (4) - Tonyan (13.12), Jarwin (14.1), Gronkowski (17.12), Knox (22.1)
PK (1) - Succop (23.12)
DST (1) - Kansas City Chiefs (24.1)

I'm very happy with the results of my trading strategy and prefer it to the aggressive approach advocated in the OP. But both can work for sure.
This team lost in the championship in its inaugural season. Disappointing, but a very good season nevertheless.



Cool. Thanks for starting the thread. Its an interesting topic. I am curious about how your 2nd attempt at this approach works out.
This team qualified for the playoffs last year and will be a championship contender for years to come. Especially if Lance takes the QB job in SFO and runs with it. 

As for my second attempt using this strategy, it was unsuccessful. Unlike the original draft in which I connected on most of the draft picks I traded up for,  I missed on a few picks which resulted in a lack of team depth. In fact the draft was so unsuccessful , I started blowing the team up mid-season and a progressive struggle is now underway. 

I’m  going to try this at least once more this summer with a new twist. I’m going to ask for something on the back end of the offers that may help my depth issue. 
Example: I will still be trading my 4th and 6th but instead of receiving just the 2nd, I will ask for the 2nd and perhaps a 12th or 14th?

This strategy is definitely not for the risk-averse. However, for the risk tolerant, it’s almost euphoric considering the amount of trading + negotiating that goes on. 

Good luck to your teams in 22! 


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