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Aging Men: what I do to feel better and younger (comment, critique, question, flame away) (2 Viewers)

I'm not familiar with that scale in particular, but I would say she was an 8 or 9 by most standard measures. That was actually running through my head as she approached, which maybe explains my hare-brained response (but probably doesn't).

Not familiar?

10: Almost flawless and very rare. Could be a top model, top playboy centerfold (nationally amazing, the MENSA of hotness)

9: The hottest girl at the club, The hottest girl at school, etc (more locally amazing)

8: One of the hotter women at the club, one of the hotter girls at school (upper class of hot women)

7: Cute girl at the club, in classes, at work, in apt building. Definitely cute, but not tops locally.

6: Fairly attractive, no major flaws but maybe minor ones

5: Starting to be unattractive, but certain qualities work in her favor. Nothing major, but minor problems are more common

4: Not attractive. Major flaws start piling up (overweight, blemishes, etc.)

3: One of the uglier girls in school, one of the uglier girls at work (lower class of ugly women)

2: The ugliest girl in school, the ugliest girl at work (couldn't even get into a club)

1: Absolutely disgusting and hard to look at. Young children point and adults look away upon seeing (not one single redeeming quality)
They also have this crazy Body Scan machine which measures all kinds of body fat and lean muscle percentages in every limb of your body and tells you what your caloric metabolic rate is so if you're a calorie counter you can figure out calories per day that's below your rate and pounds will shed off if you need that.

After doing all this for 10 months...

- Testosterone went from 375 to 778 presently (800 is optimal)

- I actually gained 0.9 lbs (presently 210lbs at 6'2")

- But, my Body Fat mass has decreased 6.6 lbs

- And my Lean body mass has increased 7.5 lbs

- After all this it says for "perfection" I should still try to lose another 7.5lbs of body fat mass based on my body composition...so still work to do.

- My Metabolic caloric rate as increased by 74 calories which means my metabolism is speeding up (presently at 2,056 calories per day...if take in less than that I'll lose weight without doing any exercise)

- My Total Body Water has increased by 5.5 lbs (126.8lbs of my total 210 lbs is water...kind of interesting)

I got my 6 month body scan results yesterday. The first 10 months results are quoted above, but below are the improvements just in the past 6 months since my last scan....

- Weight: Down 8.2 lbs (from 209.9lbs to 201.7lbs at 6'2") This is likely primarly to starting my healthy lunch fruit smoothies daily for the past 5 months instead of Panera and a Mountain Dew.

- Body Fat Mass: Down 5.7 lbs (from 37.9lbs to 32.2lbs)

- % Body Fat: Down 2% (from 18% body fat to 16% body fat)

- For Optimal Body Fat Mass: Down 5.3 lbs (from 7.5lbs to 2.2lbs). Basically I need to lose 2.2 lbs more of body fat to be at the optimal level for my body/frame.

- BMI: Down 1 (from 26.9 to 25.9)

I'll have my updated Testosterone number in about a week. They took my blood to test for it.
Anyone have any advice on coloring eyebrows? If I continue plucking the white ones that keep popping up, I'm not going to have any left.
Stretching is really something I need to focus on. When I did my executive physical a couple months ago, I was good in every category except flexibility where I was in like the 35th percentile or something ridiculous.
Yep, it's an easy one to just say "ah forget it, no big deal", but if you commit 10 mins to it daily it will make a noticeable difference. I used to bend over wrong picking up a couch cushion or raising a toilet seat and spark my sciatic nerve. I realized it was due to my tight hamstrings. Now I stretch those bad boys daily and haven't had a big blowout all year. Just more mobility and motion will help your posture as you get older as well to try and avoid that hunched over look.

Block off 30 mins in your work calendar everyday right before lunch or something to remind you.

Been nearly a year and I haven’t followed your advice. I am going to start stretching!!!
How’s all the stretching and kegeling been goin fellas?
I’ve aged 10 years this week because:

1. My 17 year old rear ended a cop car
2. Wife car has a nail in the left rear tire
3. Son’s car is now smoking for some reason after being fine all week
4. 15 year old had two root canals

I assume your single life with all that tail running around is slightly better?
Been using Simpler for the last few months on the greys in the goatee.

doesn’t have a lot of the bad chemicals in it and find it really easy to use and natural looking.

since I’m bald i can’t comment on ease of use for head hair but highly recommend on my 2 applications.

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