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Ahmad Brooks allegedly assaulted a teammate (1 Viewer)


sounds like the guy was trying to leave Brook's house while drunk

49ers OLB Ahmad Brooks allegedly assaulted teammate Lamar Divens on June 8.
Brooks allegedly struck Divens three times in the head with a beer bottle, and then punched him in the face during an argument over car keys outside Brooks' home. Divens, a journeyman defensive tackle, was left bloodied and needed three stitches. The alleged attack was witnessed by two other 49ers, rookies Mike Purcell and Lawrence Okoye. At the time, Divens said he wanted to press charges and a warrant for Brooks was issued. Divens has since changed his mind and now the District Attorney is debating whether to press charges. The 49ers gave Brooks a six-year, $37 million contract last year despite off-field issues dating back to his time with the Bengals and at the University of Virginia
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