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AL Cy Young Race (1 Viewer)

it's close, but I give Porcello the nod over Verlander and Kluber.  lower ERA- (though still very close), FIP discrepancies not that large (and he's actually better than Verlander in FIP), xFIP- favors Kluber/Verlander, but I've become relatively more bearish on xFIP over the past couple seasons (I think we can do better as far as pitching evaluation goes.  just as an aside, Pineda leads the AL in xFIP- this year)

don't really think you can go wrong with any of the 3.  as long as we don't do something dumb (like picking a guy who only threw 67 innings) i'll be OK.

Agreed, very close all around. I have it Verlander with slight lead over Porcello, slight edge over Kluber 


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