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Andrew Luck ROS? (1 Viewer)


Including tonight he's got:

@ Tennessee



@ Cincinnati


@ Kansas City

Jacksonville (Week 17 so may not matter for most leagues)

Looks pretty tough. Trying not to make this a WDIS thread, but I feel like I'm in a bind with Luck as my main QB. These are some of the other guys available in my league.




Alex Smith (on my roster)


Geno Smith



Is Luck worth rolling out there almost every week, or is it better to look for different options weekly?

Luck owner here -- luckily picked up Rivers early and will ride him a little more down the stretch as he has better matchups.

Luck is good, I'd start him over any of the guys you listed -- he's made TY and Donald Brown look like top line guys. That KC matchup is tough, but if you make it out of the first round, you can pick someone else up and make the call that final week.

Picked up Foles earlier to flip flop with Luck down the stretch.

But if you don't have many options...I don't think this schedule really hurts him that bad.

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Luck has been absoluety solid. He only has 2 weak performances all year. Im starting him and Flexing Ryan every week from here on out.

These guys are too good to both have bad games again..ala last week.

Start him ROS, you will not regret it.

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You have to remember last week he was actually extremely close to having almost a 30 pt ff week with the td called down at the 1inch line and the int in the endzone....he hasn't showed much in terms of slowing down if you ask me

packaged with Gore and traded away for Aaron Rodgers. They want to run the ball and Luck has been pretty good despite how the OC wants the offence to flow - I think if you can score a better option you go with it.


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