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Any hope for Spiller? (1 Viewer)


Had a week off his ankle should be 100 percent. ATL DST is pretty soft vs the RUN. Can Spiller turn his season around at the most important time of the year? Schedule looks good ATL,JAGs,TB and Fins.

I am holding onto hope. I have no choice but to play him this weekend. I look at it this way - he has a puncher's chance of taking a long run to the house. Can he connect? Sure......will he connect? recent experience doesn't make you optimistic......

its against the worst Def in the league against the run. I think he has a great game.

I feel like he's got better then a punchers chance when healthy. I feel like he hasn't gotten enough touches. How does he not get ateast 2-3 screen per game? How is the guy not touching the ball 20 times? If he doesn't do it against ATL after a bye and healthy I honestly will lose all hope.

My other RB's are J. Charles, D. Woodhead and S. Vereen. Spiller's on the bench for the rest of the season unless a.) someone gets hurt, or b.) he has two spectacular weeks in a row and proves he's made a comeback - but even then, I'd have a hard time trusting him.

Thinking of plugging him in the lineup as a Flex play. All the signs are there for a good game (sweet match-up, rested) but I'm still cautious.

My other option for flex is Pierre Thomas and he has looked well recently but he's going against the Seahawks.

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For me it is Spiller vs Le'Veon Bell, Ryan Mathews and Chris Ogbonnaya in my RB2 spot.

Bell has a very tough matchup on a short week, Mathews has been solid but is dealing with a hamstring injury and I can't stomach the idea of starting Ogbonnaya over Spiller, even if the latter has sucked and the former has a great matchup.


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