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Any news on Galloway, Patten, ect, injured WR's (1 Viewer)


Other than brief mentions that Patten left the New Orleans game with a strained groin, I haven't seen any reports on his status for this week.. Same with Galloway... Anyone have any info... Obviously the health of Galloway makes or breaks Antonio Bryant this week.... and Patten affects guys like Lance Moore,etc....

Very interested in this myself. An owner with bye week issues just dropped Galloway. Trying to decide if I can pick him up and hold on to him. I have some WR bye issues this week myself (Calvin and Wayne) but I might still try to grab him.

St Petersburg Times from Sept 22 has experts from an interview with Gruden.. He says he's not sure if Galloway will play this week, but mentions other injured players as having a "better chance to play than Galloway" so my guess is- he misses this week...

I also found some quotes from Galloway last week where he says he can't even practice yet, and would see if he could start "rehabbing" next week..

I think Bryant could be a good play against Packers if Galloway is out!


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