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Anyone have rules requiring prepayment when trading future rookie pick (1 Viewer)


Say, we're looking to put some guard rails in a dynasty league I commish. Nutshell, we had a guy dump last year after trading away his future rookie picks and it was tough to find replacement. A couple guys have mentioned the possibility of prepaying for future years when you trade your future picks. I realize that won't solve everything, because guys looking to join a dynasty are going to care more about ability to rebuild than the meager dues we charge, but it might be a start. Anyone have formal rules written up in this area they'd be willing to share?

My leagues do the following:

Trade away a future 1st, you pay 100% fees for that year

Trade away a 2nd or 3rd, you pay 50% fees for that year

Funds will go to the new owner if current owner dumps team.

It's really the only way to get people to not dump their team if they go "all in" and lose. In my baseball dynasty, we paid 150% the first year and 100% every year from there so your always 50% of league dues into the next year, this is a similar way of doing it


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