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Anyone on this list worth the #1 Waiver Pick (1 Viewer)


Are any of the players on Waivers worth my first overall waiver pick?  If so who to drop? (Probably Callaway)

12 Team  PP Start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex
2nd place in division, 3rd overall

My Team
Brady, Wentz
Kamara, L Bell, R Freeman, Crowell, Carson, R Jones
Adams, Sanders, Golladay, Callaway
Reed, Ebron

C Clement, T Gabriel, Coutee, Moncreif, R Anderson, C Kirk, T Taylor, A Morris, 

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I would have no issue dropping Callaway for Coutee.  Also, with Ajayi out for the year I wouldn't have any issue dropping R. Jones for Clement. 



I have no issue using your 1st waiver priority on either of the guys I mentioned previously.  At this point in the season I don't see anybody coming out that would be worth more than either of these two guys.  The only type players I could see holding for are if there are any clear handcuff RB's that would assume the lead role by themselves if the starter were to go down for the year AND be good enough to warrant putting up RB2 or higher numbers.  I would guess anybody that fits that description are likely already rostered. 


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