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Anyone think Randy Moss goes off today? (1 Viewer)


Raiders secondary is the best part of their team...but I could see Randy wanting to go off on the Raiders. Did Randy play againt them last year? If so, how did he do, anyone remember?

I was wondering the same thing. However, I tend to think it might be the opposite. Al Davis will probably do everything he can to make sure his defense shuts down Moss. He said he regrets letting Moss go and Moss having a monster day would just rub Davis' nose in it.

Then again, maybe the Raider players don't care about Davis... Monetary incentives?

asomougha will shut him down.
Reportedly, the Raiders might not be moving him around to shadow Moss. If they don't do that and he stays 'home' all BB has to do is keep Moss moving around and he could cut the Raiders to pieces. Chris Johnson has been up and down - I think if he ends up getting Moss a lot, it could be a long game for the Raiders secondary.
MFL says Asomougha stays on one side of the field, and doesn't move to follow one WR. Pretty sure Bellacheat knows that, and Randy will play the other side of the field plenty.

Benched Moss for Bess today only because at fantasy playoff time, i am choosing hopefully a consistent Bess (last couple of weeks) over an explosive or Bust Moss...

I benched Randy once, and he went off for 100+ yards and 3 TD's.

You can't bench arguably the best WR in football when playing for the team that pissed him off.


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