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Arizona is awesome! (1 Viewer)

I've been to Sedona and I absolutely loved it.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the vortex's have soo much energy.   It really is a magical place.  If you make it back to Sedona and have a vehicle--take the time and go to Jerome.  Very cool and obscure town.  It's an old copper mining town that basically feels like never kept up with the times.  Makes for a very unique experience.  Interesting wine tasting and dive bars.    

I won't get into detail--but when I went to Jerome--my friends and I went into a dive bar.   The security guard/bouncer outside the bar was around 6 foot 4, 300 lbs, and his name was "Grizzle".   I was wearing a sterling silver skull necklace that I designed myself--and Grizzle at first seemed to be making fun of it and giving me a hard time.  At one point--he yells to me to come to the front of the bar where he was (and I legit thought the dude was going to beat me up)--but I had no choice but to oblige.  I go to the front--and Grizzle proceeds to walk me outside and down the street to where he showed me a beautiful vintage Harley Davidson tricycle.  It was a stunning piece of machinery--and the bike featured skulls and skull artwork all over.   He explained to me that he collected skulls and that his bike featured 480 total skulls in the design.  I figured that I'm a jeweler and I had a mold for my skull necklace--so I take it off and put it around his neck and tell him that he deserved to own it.  Dude legit almost cried and ended up buying my friends and I several rounds of drinks.  Our group pretty much made up 80% of the patrons in the bar so he hung out with us for a couple hours.  I legit thought I was going to get killed by a dude named Grizzle and instead ended up having one of those "life's cooler moments".  Sorry for boring you all with my dumb story.  
This is a great story and Jerome is indeed awesome.  But, three-wheeled motorcycles are called "Trikes", not "Tricycles".  I'm sure Grizzle would agree.


BOTTW (Brothers Of The Third Wheel)


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