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Battle for Top Spot - Who to Start at QB (1 Viewer)

Mr. Know-It-All

Playing the #1 team, I am #2.  Facing a dilemma:

Roethlisberger at Jacksonville


Watson at Washington

6 pt td, -1 int, 3 pts at 250 combined yards, +1 each addl 25 yards.  Jax has MUCH better pass defense, but Roethlisberger has a dinged Conner and no Bell so should air it out again.  So the question is who has the higher floor because most projections have these two qbs nearly identical this week.

I think Conner will be fully healthy this week, but monitor the status of AJ Bouye.  Patmon has been awful at slot corner for Jacksonville so JJSS could have a big week, and if Ramsey is the only stud on the outside Ben could feast.  Admittedly I don't have a good read on the Washington Defense and which one will show up against Watson.  It seems like a toss up, I'd lean Ben.


I would go with Watson.  I am not worried about the Conner injury as it was a concussion so if he is playing he will be full strength.  It's not a like coming off a pulled hammie that could flare up.  Typically if you are cleared you are good to go.

But I think Houston moves the ball and Watson has a huge game against the Redskins. 

I'd go Watson. He's had an extra week to work with Thomas, and Coutee could be back. Jags are fighting for their season this week, and Ben is almost always worse on the road.


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