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Bears-Vikings Game (1 Viewer)


The latest line I saw for this game had the over at 37.5 points. Not surprising when you consider you have two teams with good defenses and recently questionable offenses. But am I the only one thinking this game could be a nice bet for the over?

It may be tough for both teams to run the ball effectively although the Vikings have a good chance to do well with Peterson. Meanwhile, Orton has been putting up nice numbers for the Bears of late. Conversely, Frerotte has been doing well and faces a Bears' pass defense that gives up over 250 yards a game. Frerotte is really cooking with Berrian and Wade while Orton is connecting with Hester, Davis and Olsen.

Conventional wisdom would seem to point to this game being something around 20-17 or 17-13, a score like that. But could this be a surprise shootout of the week as both teams find success throwing the ball?


I tend to agree. But, then again, I'm starting Orton so I'm biased. He will throw 30+ times for sure. MN's offense will have to execute a lot better than last week's putrid showing vs. the Lions for the over to hit. Just flew home from Chicago. Supposedly, weather will be great this weekend - no issues there.


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