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Best source for Sunday Morning Pre-game Info? (1 Viewer)


There used to be a Sunday Morning Breaking News page on the site (Maybe I just can't find the link)... But where is your best source for up-to-date Sunday morning game information?

Sirius NFL Radio is great if you have it, otherwise I usually check out the local newspaper of whatever team I am researching.

Yes, the Sharkpool is obvious - but better for research - not a "source"... The Breaking Sunday Updates was a nice, clear, and concise "Joe Blow is inactive today" or whatever.... It auto-refreshed, so you could just have it up on your screen and glance at it every now and then....

The threads get drowned out with the "Joe Blow is out today - so do you think I should start xxx or yyy instead?" type of stuff.

www.wfan.com is decent.

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