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BJ Coleman, dynasty stash? (1 Viewer)

I know he is behind a stud who never seems to miss games but I'm wondering what he brings to the table.
Plus arm, reportedly a coachable kid. Got a lot of work on the Practice Squad last year and earned mostly positive reports from what I understand.Most Likely Best Case Scenario: He hits the PS again this year, and negotiates a deal with another QB-needy team. While there's talk about him being the #2 behind Rodgers and on the active 53-man roster, the Pack could decide he needs more work, designate him to the PS again, and then get plucked by another team. Other best case but unlikely scenario: He's the #2 behind Rodgers, who gets injured. Coleman comes in, shines, and the Pack trade him next year. Otherwise, he won't hit free agency until 2016. Long time to wait.I wouldn't lose sleep over it if you needed to drop him to get someone to fill a more immediate need. But, he's a guy I'm stashing in deep leagues.
The level of football he played in he should have dominated if he was some hidding superstar in the waiting. He instead showed a turnover problem, low accuracy and didn't throw for high yards. Right now he's in the best case scenario, being a 3-4 year project. There's better QB to gamble on every year.


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