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In the past 3 weeks, Bobby Wade has seen targets of 6, 11, and 7 since taking over the #2 WR spot and is getting no love. Rice may be on the mend, but he is still recovering from a sprained knee, and Berrian isn't 100% healthy either...yet Berrian is ranking in the top 10 on many sites this week.

6 targets...4 catches...71 yds

11 targets...8 catches...64 yds

7 targets...7 catches...75 yds

Not bad numbers for a guy nobody is mentioning.

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In PPR leagues, I think he's a legit WR3 right now. He's active and getting quality reception totals. I like him again this week against the Bears. I happen to like all four primary WRs in that game. I think Berrian, Wade, Hester and Davis all have good games because I think both teams are going to have to throw a lot and I think both teams will have success throwing the ball.

Just my 2 cents.

He's starting as my 4th WR while Boldin was out and this week. I probably won't be starting him much longer, but he's been solid.

I was thinking of picking him up myself, but I now see that S Rice could possibly be back as he is practicing.

Vikings | Rice limited in practice Thursday

Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:26:50 -0700

Minnesota Vikings WR Sidney Rice (knee) was limited in practice Thursday, Oct. 16


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