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For those who realized that the BestBuy contest moved to Bodog.com this past year, how did you do? Did you like the format? The prizes?I placed 18th and received $110 for bodog. Pretty good (done patting my back, for now). :bye: Anybody else place well? Secrets to success?

I didn't learn of the move to Bodog until mid-season so I didn't do well for the most part.However, 2 weeks out of 8 I placed on the big board and won a $50 & $20 betting tabs.......almost got the shirt/hat one week, whoopie doo. I wanted the jersey!Had 230pts this last week of the year.....but my whole strategy was to load up on the best RBs with great matchups and went with them as my whole "gamble". X2 with Tiki, LJ and Frank Gore this week. 52 for LJ, 72 for Tiki and 12 for Gore. Too bad I didn't save my mulitplier for LJ this week. :cry: Spent top $$ on RBs.Spent so-so $$ on QBs.....usually bought a $25 QB then a lower one around $16/$18.Spent little $$ on WRs. Usually the most I paid for them was around $20, then filled the last 2 with cheap $$ WRs.Spent $$ on the TE. For the most part, I used Shockey. Got really lucky with the Cooley pick last week, 3 TDs.Spent the $$$ on DEF depending on who was playing the 49ers, Texans or Saints. :P

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