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Boldin: When do you think he will return? (1 Viewer)

When will Boldin come back?

  • Week 6 vs Cowboys

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  • Week 8 after the Week 7 bye

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  • Not Week 8 but sometime later this season

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  • Out for the season

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Buck Bradcanon

Really just curious.. I think we will know much more even by the end of this week, but wanted to see what yall thought.

i don't see any reason for them to bring him back before the bye. breaston looks like he can fill in reasonably well and they certainly didn't have any issues moving the ball on the bills last week.

Voted week 8.

While Q might want to play week 6, I can see Wiz making him sit. Breaston is holding down the fort so no need to rush him back, regardless of whether he thinks he can go or not.

That's just my take on it. Maybe Q has some pull with Wiz, so I could be wrong.

Personally, I hope he doesn't come back until week 8. I would rather see him at close to 100% than try to go and get hurt further.

I voted week 8 as well. My main lean in starting this poll is that the only thing Ive seen saying he wont play this week came from a writer, not from the coaching staff or from Boldin himself.

Glad to see most here dont see issues that will keep him out past the bye.

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