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Brady/Beckham or Brees/Freeman (1 Viewer)


I Was offered Brees and Devonta Freeman for Tom Brady and Beckham.

This is a PPR league. All TDs 6 points. Bonus of 5 points for RB/WR that hit 100 rushing or receiving yards.

My roster:

QB: Brady

RB: Alex Collins, Peyton Barber, Devin Coleman, Dion Lewis, Breida, Connor, Himes, Ware

WR: Antonio Brown, Beckham, Amari Cooper, Funchess, Hurns

TE: Olsen

Is the upgrade at RB worth losing Beckham? He has also offered Brees and Jerrick McKinnon for Brady and Amari Cooper.

Thanks guys!

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Hot Sauce Guy

I’d stand pat. I think the QBs are a wash.

I like your team better with ODB & I think you have plenty of depth at RB without Freeman - I love the kid, but his new coach loves RBBCs, and while I think Freeman will be good, he’s not good enough to make it worth  breaking up that sick WR duo. 


ps - I also don’t think you’re deep enough at WR for the deal to be worth it to you. 

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I would agree with Hot Sauce. You have two absolute studs in Brady & Beckham Jr. I'd keep them as I think you could make it work at RB with your group of guys there.



Assuming you can play Brown, Beckham, & Cooper all as starters (WR/WR/Flex), I think you gotta stay with those guys.  Even if your RB situation is sub-par, your WR crew will cover the points.

Looking at the RB crew, you got a lot of names but I think an overlooked one would be Kenneth Dixon.  If Alex Collins goes down, your RB crew is tough.  I'd see if I could add him or make a trade with whoever has him.  If someone else owns him, it's likely that you might have their RB handcuff (Ware, Conner, Breida) and can just exchange securities.



In a league where all TDs are worth 6 points, Brady has much more value than Brees.  Last year the NO offense switched to a run first offense in the red zone and Brees finished with 23 Tds.  Brees is the yardage king... worth much less when TDs are over valued.

That means you are losing on both sides of the trade.  ODB is more valuable than Freeman and Brady is more valuable than Brees.

Plus, why would you ever want both Coleman and Freeman on your roster?  You will never start both, and neither has much of an injury history.

The Cooper (ADP33) for McKinnon (ADP23) plus QB swap trade is more balanced, since you win on one side, but not one I would consider.   If you really feel the need for an RB, offer him Cooper for Mckinnon straight up.



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